A pink plastic crypt that fits in your palm (fiveforsilver) wrote in bad_service,
A pink plastic crypt that fits in your palm

Does this make any sense at all?

Thursday morning was a big day in one of my classes - we all had to do our final presentations, we even started class early so there would be time for everyone, and we had guests from around the college and around the community to make it all the more nerve-wracking for us poor students.

Wednesday evening, our teacher called the pizza place and ordered 4 pizzas to be delivered to the classroom on Thursday at 11:30am. Ten 'til noon rolls around (no pizza) and so he calls the place and asks where his pizza is. It appears to take that poor pizza-lackey five minutes to understand what the problem is (I ordered pizza...it never arrived. Not that difficult. Though I admit the pre-ordering may well be a bit unusual.)

Turns out that whoever took the order somehow didn't hear that my teacher mentioned what time he wanted it sent. Yes, it is also possible that he forgot to say it, but that still doesn't excuse them for not calling him and asking when he wanted it! They had his cell number. Most (if not all) places, you can't order a pizza delivery without giving a phone number. Did then call? No!

Somebody just randomly set the delivery time for 4pm.

Which is great, really - that's half an hour after class ends.

They did finally just retake the order, and give him half off for the trouble...so in the end it was fixed, and we got the pizza fairly quickly, though nearly 2 hours after it was supposed to be delivered. But still! It's not the fact that th pizza was late that bothers me..it's the fact that someone decided to just assign a random time to the delivery.

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