Ali (alibaba3) wrote in bad_service,

Oh the wonders of having a uterus

Seeing a post about gender discrimination in a comic book store reminded me of this little gem.

From the subject I hope you have guessed that I am of the female gendered variety but I am also an avid gamer and technogeek. Yes I know, shocking.

The day after Christmas when I was about 17 or so I went with my then boyfriend to Fry's (big-box tech store) for their crazy sales. We waited in line for about an hour before the store opened and we each had a mental list of the things we desperately needed for computer upgrades.

The doors finally open and we split up. I find the 250gb hard drive I wanted, but since computer hardware is very expensive and very tiny you must find a person to print out a slip that you turn in at the register once you give them your money. After waiting patiently next to one of the worker-bee kiosks I realize I'm being ignored by all the employees. To get one to even look at me I had to literally block their way in and out of the kiosk. I tell the employee what my heart's desire is in hard drive form and am greeted with "Are you sure you know how to replace your existing hard drive?" I assure him that I am fully competent, having built the damn thing from the case up, but am still met with reluctance to sell me what I want. He tries to steer me towards the fully built computer section but I stand firm.

Lather, rinse, repeat. For every single item I wanted I was met with skepticism about whether or not I could actually utilize the damn hardware I was spending a couple hundred bucks for. I finally had to fetch my boyfriend and basically use him as my puppet. Slightly self-defeating but much much faster.

After getting the things I wanted I decided to browse the console games section to see if there were any deals where I was met by yet another Employee of Doom. He asks me if I'm looking for anything specific to which I reply that I'm just browsing. But he will. Not. Stop. I am asked if I am looking for a game for my brother. And then for my boyfriend. And then for my son. MY. SON.

I look young for my age, even now at 25 I get asked if I'm still in high school, so back then I looked about 12. I then came to the conclusion that this lovely young gentleman couldn't come to terms with the fact that I might possibly be buying a game for myself.

That's when I'd finally had enough. I asked for the manager who was very dismissive about the treatment I had gotten, paid for my things and left.
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