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Subway Workers Get to Set Their Own Hours... Apparently.

At 9:15 this morning I arrived at the mall, hoping to grab something quick before the rage of last min shoppers showed up, yet be able to take my time if I needed it before my shift.

I entered through to food court and noticed that Burger King, Subway, and Gold Rush Coffee were open... or at least looked open.

Subway had all of it's lights on... every single one... so it glowed brightly in the naturally lit food court considering that it was a rainy day and sunlight was minimal. The big neon sign that says "SUBWAY" ---was--- on.

So I walk over... I see all the cheese and meat and veggies in the little sandwich bar that they use, and there were two girls back there just chatting. I walked up to the "order here" spot and waited quietly. Both girls continued to chatter, then one looked at me and walked over like she was going to help me only to say "We're closed."

Oh... um.. okay. Because all the other Subways in the area open at 7:30AM (college student likes $5 footlongs)  and this particular food court opens at 8AM I was a little confused, especially since every single light was on and there were two employees up front. I asked what the hours were, planning to just come back later. (There were no posted hours -I looked.)

The girl looked to her co-worker, then looked back to me and said loftily "Oh... 9:30... 10'oclock". Her tone had me honestly wondering if she'd finish with 'Like, you know... whenever'.

That got some raised eyebrows  from me, and I instantly felt she was lying too me.  I wouldn't have minded waiting fifteen minuets, but 45 when she sounded like she was making up  her hours  on a whim?

No thank you.
I decided to get breakfast at work, so I could get my employee discount for the airport clam chowder (suprisingly good for airport food), but I was still miffed. I'm fairly sure she was doing something that her employer would not be happy about - such as blowing off customers because she didn't feel like working.  I have half a mind to ask the manager what bs is this, so s/he can ask her the very same thing.
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