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Brown Paper Ticket fail

So I attended an event a little over a month ago, and tickets were pre-order only, through Brown Paper tickets. I procrastinated and waiting until a week before the event to order my tickets. I paid $5 more for priority shipping, which the website states will guarantee be delivered within 3 business days. Okay, good. Keep in mind the total for these two tickets was about $135.

Cut to the day before the event. My tickets haven't arrived. The website states to call the company if this happens. I do, and they change my tickets to Will-Call, and tell me to bring my confirmation email and everything will be fine. Good.

Later that evening, I go to the ATM to take out all $280 in my bank account to spend at the event. The ATM says I have insufficient funds. WTF? I call my mom and ask her to check my online banking, and she tells me that the ticket company charged me again for the tickets. I'm furious, and call them back.

The guy on the phone says that they refunded the original $130 and then recharged for $125, to refund me the extra $5 I payed for shipping. I didn't care about the $5, and ask why the refund hasn't shown up. "It takes a few days," he said. Um, sorry, so that means if I hadn't had the $130 in my account, I would've been overdrawn? I am not amused. I argue this, and that I never, EVER approved for them to do this. I would have just had them keep the measley $5.

He says that it's the bank's responsibility, and that there's no way I could have been overdrawn. Actually, I WOULD HAVE. Dumbass. I ask for the manager, and he says he IS the manager. I'm very pissed off, because that money was supposed to be spent at the event, and now I'm a poor college student with NO MONEY for the next 5 business days. He says there's nothing more he can do for me, and I say that I will kindly never have business with Brown Paper Tickets again. I mean, really. You can't just go taking hundreds of dollars from people's bank account without asking. UGHHHHHHH.

tl;dr: Ticket company takes $130 out of my bank account without my permission.
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