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well, earlier this morning me & my fiance went food shopping since we have like totally no food. after two hours of food shopping/goofing off, we went to check out. we went to the self-check out lane & the store manager was at the computer that controls all the check out lanes. anyway, he was watching us as we checked out. my fiance gave the manager his id for the beer he was getting. i didn't hear this, but my fiance said that the manager said "now i've got your id". after that he came over to me (nudged me) & showed us empty boxes & asked "how are you going to pay for this?" we said "huh?!". then he says "where are they? where did you hide them?" we were like what are you talking about? we didn't take anything!. he kept asking us over & over & we kept telling him we didn't take anything. he accused us of stealing toothpaste, a big piggy bank & two other things. first off, how the fuck can we steal a big piggy bank? where the hell can i hide that? the worker who told the manager that we stole the piggy bank & the other crap, we told her while we were in the fucking isle that the box was empty. at that time we barely had anything in our cart, so it's not like i could of put tons of food over it to hide it. so she said "hmmm" then walked off, so we said whatever & kept food shopping.

the manager was watching us the whole time while we were checking out, so he knows that we scanned everything. so we told him, we didn't take anything & we emptied our pockets to prove it. all we had was a lighter, wallets & keys. the manager tells us to pay & leave & he'll call the cops. so of course, we didn't pay for our food & we didn't leave. so then the manager tells my fiance to go walk with him. i'm standing near the cart waiting for them to come back. the manager goes down the drug isles & tells my fiance to come. my fiance says "no i'm not going over there, then i'll be on camera going in the drug isle" (we never went in the drug isles while we were shopping). so the manager tells him, if he doesn't come, they aren't going to talk. so my fiance had a worker there walk with him down the isle to get to the manger. he had his arms crossed tightly so they couldn't accuse him of anything since his arms weren't down. the manager had three or so people looking at the video to get proof of us stealing, which they couldn't get because we never stole anything. they kept looking through videos & couldn't find anything. the manager kept saying he's going to call the cops, blah blah blah. so my fiance decides to call them. he calls them & tells them the story. then i think my fiance was calling his attorney (not really sure if he did call, i think he was bluffing about that) & then the manager decides to call the cops after my fiance already called them. when he was with the manager, i was sitting in a chair next to customer service since they suspended my order cause my fiance didn't want to pay cause of this dispute.

so i was sitting there, then i see the cops walk by. then ten minutes later the cops come out with my fiance, we left. the cops said since the manager doesn't have any proof of us stealing, he couldn't arrest us. duh, cause we didn't take anything. so at the managers request, we are not allowed to go on kroger property anymore (only that store) or we'd get arrested. which kinda pisses us off, cause we didn't do shit & we usually go food shopping at like later then 12 am but before 6/7 am. the two grocery stores that are near us, aren't open 24 hours like kroger, so which means we can't go food shopping between those hours. & what pisses us off is that we have a $50 gift card that my fiance got from work, to buy groceries at kroger! the nearest one is about an hour away! so now that's a total inconvenience for us. they wouldn't even let us get our damn groceries after this shit. after we got home, we called corporate for kroger, my fiance told the woman the whole story & she was suppose to call the kroger store we were just at & call us back. well, she never did. my fiance isn't sure on what he wants to do now. his co-workers wife said he should sue. i think my fiance is going to call corporate again tomorrow & see what happens. but this is ridiculous!

well, that's the end of my story, thank you for reading :)

edit; my fiance called the cops back, they said that kroger dropped the ban since he "called his attorney". so i guess they got scared & just dropped it.
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