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My first post!

And it has to do with a very crappy pet store. The post's long, and there's some swearing, so consider yourself warned. X-posted to my personal LJ as well.

Okay, so I set out to look for a new rattie cage today. I hit up some of the local stores, then headed out to Petco. There was a sick gerbil with wet tail there, and I informed the supernice girl working aobut it. She cooed over the baby and generally fussed over him, then took him into the back. This pleased me. From there, I decided to visit the Petland nearby. This place is a fucking train wreck. Their puppies -always- look miserable, they keep them in fucking little cages, and they treat all of their animals like shit. Really. I made the mistake of buying two gerbils, a male and female, from there once. The female killed the male and they would not refund my money or give me a new gerbil. Fuck 'em. And every time I go in there at least one gerbil is bloody and mauled because they mix groups together without even making sure they're all compatable first. A BIG no-no with gerbils.

So we look around, and there's groups of people cooing over the pups. Understandable, puppies are cute, but geez. Get one from a breeder. You might pay less, but if the breeder's good, you'll have a healthy animal for life. Not a dog with only one kidney (another story for another day, I'm sure). Okay, all's fine and dandy. Ally goes to see the cats, I go to the gerbils. There's one scrawny little pink-eyed white perched on top of the wheel, scared out of his mind. Oh, did I mention his entire back was bloody? Yeah, it was. Even one of his hind feet was bloody, and his jaw looked like shit. I'm pissed. I call Ally over, she scoops the gerbil up and gives him a look over. He seems pretty bad, and he's still bleeding. On her, on himself, on the shavings. I tell her to go find a manager 'cause I'm irate. I want to talk with someone and let them know just how badly they fuck up.

So Ally finally snags one of the vapid, empty-headed girls that work there, and they shrug and scamper off. Grrr. I go find another woman and ask if she's the manager. She says no, and asks another girl to call the manager for her. Manager's on break. Okay, fine. No prob. What I assume was an assistant manager is brought out instead, sounding quite annoyed by the fact that someone wanted to use her precious time. The woman I talked to pointed me out and said I wished to speak with her. So she comes over and asks what's wrong.

I point to the gerbil huddled in Ally's hands and snarl at her that their gerbils are -always- like this whenever I come in. She stares at it with this 'how did that happen oh noes!' look and I just -glare-. I mean, I could've melted iron, my look was that fiery. I tell her straight up this gerbil needs help. I have them at home, I will take him off of their hands. She can't do that. I glare harder. She goes to call the store owner, and I wait. She returns about 10 minutes later saying she can give me $5 off of the little guy. Still glaring, I just snarl and stalk off, grunting approval. I was about ready to just steal the little guy, at that point.

So Ally and I walk around for a bit and spot some rodent treats on clearance for $1. She grabs 'em, still holding the gerbil. I grab some Carefresh and we head up to the checkout. On the way there, I catch the familiar scent of death, having it imprinted into my brain from about 2 years of working in various pet stores. Yup, there's a dead hamster. I snag the attention of a bubble headed blond with more makeup than Tammy Faye Baker caked on her face, and tell her there's a dead hamster. She wrinkles up her nose in that 'eww' fashion, and I snarl at her, asking that she couldn't even smell it? And it smelled, too, like it'd been dead for a while. And by judging its stifness it had been. Like a rock. She said no, she hadn't smelled it, and by that point I was more than ready to leave.

Up to the register we go. The vapid 'manager' girl checks us out and has the gall to ask if we found everything 'okay'. I just stare at her like she had a third eye growing out of her forehead and it was dancing around singing showtunes. I pay and we get the hell out of there. In the parking lot, Ally realizes she didn't pay for the rodent snacks, as they'd been tucked under her arm while she babied the gerbil. We laughed loud and hard over that one, and home I came. He's sitting in a quarantine cage right now, and damn was he thirsty. He's eaten a little too, which is good. Poor fellow. I'm going to take pictures of his wounds, and you can bet your ass Petland's getting a handwritten letter and an email from me. I'm also going to call and request to talk to the owners of the store and give them a piece of my mind. Bastards.

Any other suggestions as to what I should do? I'm sick of seeing them treat their animals this way, and I don't think a pet store like that should even think about selling live animals if they won't properly take care of them. It's a horrible place. And yeah, I know I was snarky, but the workers there...their collective stupidity and animal ignorance -hurts-. One guy said a 20 gallon aquarium would be good for an iguana. Yeesh.
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