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earlier today I went on StubHub.com to purchase Britney Spears concert tickets. I wanted at least the first upper level (floor seats are way too expensive and since I'll be driving 3 hours to see the show, I want decent seats).

I was disappointed to see that out of the huge list of tickets, most of them had a purchase quantity minimum of 2 tickets. I only need 1 ticket.

I called StubHub to see if they could easily and quickly help me locate which sections they had 1 ticket available for. the guy that answered the phone told me why some sellers have a minimum purchase of 2 tickets, and then looked up the information I wanted. seems good enough, until we get to the end of the call..

Me: "okay, great, I'll go back online later today to purchase the ticket you mentioned"
Him: "ok, do you need help buying it? I can call you back and help you purchase it" *obvious sales attempt since I'm sure he gets commission for selling tickets*
Me: "no thank you.. but thanks so much for your help"
Him: "yeah whatever, thanks for calling StubHub" *click* he hangs up before I can even say anything

and the thing is.. I WOULD have allowed him to call me back and get credit for the sale, except that 1) I'm not exactly sure when the money I have for the ticket is going to be in my account, and 2) I only have my cellphone and my minutes aren't free during this time of the day. I'm currently having to keep a tight watch on my minutes.

now I've worked in hard sales before and I realize it's frustrating when a sales opportunity slips between your fingers, but is that really enough reason to be so rude to a future customer, and especially one who hasn't even provoked it?

I'll be going through TicketLiquidator.com instead.
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