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The Craic and the Porter Black

Ok, you can do a lot to me, but don't mess with my family and waste my time while you're doing it, jerk.

My mother has a stomach condition that makes vomiting extremely hazardous for her. Despite having a flu shot and carefully avoiding (as much as possible) anyone with the flu, she caught it anyway. Her doctor called in an emergency nausea scrip at 8:50 PM, and we chose Walgreens because it was close and open until 10. I was told that the scrip would be ready in 15-20 minutes.

I arrived in the drive-up at 9:05, and waited for another customer to be served. This was not a problem. The problems began when a large pickup truck pulled up in the first lane, began honking immediately, continued honking, harassed me about how long I had been waiting, and then yelled at the woman working in the drive-up window.

At first I was concerned for her safety, but when they drove away after a nice long conversation, she informed me that these people were friends of hers and that they were only "joking." Her "joking" took up time that I SHOULD have spent taking this medicine back to my mother. The fact that she had my little paper bag in hand when they drove off frankly tells me that she could have concluded my business while she was talking.

In her rush to assure me that her friends weren't really causing problems (for her - they certainly caused a problem for me), she forgot to give me back my insurance and debit card. I quickly discovered that they weren't in the bag and went inside, where Alissa B (from the nametag) tried to tell me that I had overlooked the cards (AFTER she handed them to me), and that she didn't know what I was talking about when I asked for the name of the employee who had wasted time "joking" with her friends while I was waiting for medicine at 9:30 PM.

A 10-15 minute scrip call took an HOUR because some employee wasted my time joking around with her friends - who harassed a customer when they couldn't see her. I am still sick with flu and had to get out in the snow to get my cards back, and was then lied to about whether or not they'd given the cards and who had been waiting on me.

Both of the employees working the drive-up were young women with long blonde hair; therefore I cannot positively say that Alissa B is the employee who wasted so much of my time, but I can say that she is the one who lied to me when I came into the store.

tl;dr: Pharm employee wastes time talking to friends, forgets to give my cards back, then lies about it.

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