Mean Dean (meandean) wrote in bad_service,
Mean Dean

Is There An Echo In Here?

Oh, Chrysler Financial.  You have hearts of gold, really.  Your "Hire The Challenged" program for CSRs is surely expanding the horizons of the mentally handicapped all over the country.

However, having them manage the outgoing call center for your billing and collections department is a not-so-great idea.

Yes, we know we are two weeks out on our payment.  We have already discussed when we will be making the payment, ad nauseum, with a few different people.  None of them, however, seem to bother with actually taking any notes of the conversations, since we receive the same damn calls every day, get asked the same questions, to which we give the same answers.

We are self-employed, and receipts are down.  That is why we're late: we're having to do a juggling act, financially.
Since we receive our money via the United States Postal Service, we can make no dead-sure guarantee as to when our checks arrive.
This being the case, we will not do a post-dated 'check by phone'...  Not wishing to engage in fiduciary suicide, we prefer actually making sure our checks are deposited, and available, before doing a payment.
We do this to save both ourselves and Chrysler trouble: y'all don't have to deal with a bounced check, we don't get hammered with overdraft fees and bounced check fees.
We are fairly confident a sizeable check will be received and deposited by the 18th, which is when we have stated --- repeatedly --- we will call and do the 'check by phone' routine.  Note the 'fairly confident' part of that statement: we will not guarantee the check will be received and deposited by then.

None of this has changed since yesterday, or the day before, or the day before that.
We have not moved.
We have not changed our phone number.
We are, however, sick to death of having the identical conversation with your CSRs every day.

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