brazenredhead (brazenredhead) wrote in bad_service,

Grocery Suck: Replacement Post

Ugh.  Went to make a minor edit to my last post (about medical stuff) and accidentally deleted it when my computer froze.  (Thanks for the comments from those who read it!)  As I do not feel up to re-typing that lengthy post, I give you this:

Our local supermarket is slated to close in 2010.  Lord knows why, as it is always packed.  Even at midnight.  I've always waited in a 5+ person line, no matter the time of night or day. 

A few nights ago, I had to run to the store to get champagne and ice cream.  (Someone's 304903847th midlife crisis this year.)  There are two lines open; one is 15-items-or-less, the other is a regular line.  Both have at least 12 people in line-- the lines stretch most of the way back down the isles.  Customers keep on asking for another checkout, to no avail.  I get in line for the 15-or-less line, and notice that the couple ahead of me is line-shopping--- you know, where one person stands in line, and the other person goes to get the groceries.  Whatever, it's a long line.  But by the time we get to the front, they have way more than 15 items, and the other person still isn't back.  So I politely ask the guy if I can cut in front of him, since I have two items, and his partner isn't back yet.  He snaps, "No, she'll be back any second."  

The cashier finishes ringing this guy's groceries, but his partner isn't back yet.  He asks the cashier to wait until he returns.  And all of us behind him wait.  And wait.  And wait.  The guy behind me timed it at 4 minutes.  By this point, all of us who can see what is going on are protesting loudly, and asking for management.  Of course management and the girl arrive at the same time.  I ask management what typical protocol is for situations like that, and he repiles:  "Oh, there is none.  He's not stealing, and it would look bad if we voided that big of an order."  WTF?  Why the manager wasn't jumping behind a register for a few is beyond me. 
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