lauren amber (versaillesfall) wrote in bad_service,
lauren amber

Being a frequent lurker and complainer at customers_suck I generally have alot of sympathy for anyone who works with customers, so I don't really experience the flip side often.

So this August I was going to a festival and my friend linked me to a really, really cute bum bag on American Apparel. It said it was in stock but it did say something about back orders piling up and there might be some issues. So I type type type order order order. I get an email saying it'll take up to 10 weeks, so I contacted one of their staff directly. What seems to be the perfect employee gets back to me, saying he'll pop into their nearest store, see if it's in stock there, and then send it first class to me. He said that if they had it in stock he could guarentee it would be with me before the festival AND I wouldn't be charged anything for the dispatch. I sent a further email saying that were it not in stock, I would like my order cancelled, as the festival was the only reason I wanted a £15 red shiny bum bag, and he responded saying that was fine. At this point I was incredibly impressed with the service.

However, no bag came before the festival. When I got home I emailed the gentleman wanting confirmation of the cancellation, no reply. I assumed the man had been to the store, no bags to be had, and the order had been cancelled (as the man said it would) I hadn't been charged anything so I go about my busy busy life. Assuming everything was okay was my first mistake.

A few weeks ago, my bag arrives in the post! I immediately sent it back with a letter explaining the situation and they refunded me the bag, but not the postage! In the end, I spent about £5 in p&p for a bag I didn't want anymore that arrived several months after I ordered it. I wouldn't mind but I specifically requested the order be cancelled, mentioned it several times over the few emails I exchanged with their employee, and they said it would be fine! I mean in my opinion, it was there mistake, I still have the emails which are proof that the man said the order would be cancelled, and imho they should really have cut their losses and refunded me the p&p, and had some serious words with the guy supposed to cancel my order. Am I right?

Now a store is opening in my city and there not a chance in hell I'm shopping there.
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