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The post that was made about a cashier reading out calories reminds me of something that happened a long time ago to me. But it's still irritating.

I was at the mall. Now, I'm fat, but I also have polycystic ovaries which makes it difficult to lose weight. Anyway, I figured I would get something a l'il bit healthier than normal so I went to the Japanese stir fry place. Rice and shrimp isn't too bad.

The cashier was a young man reading a comic book. I ordered my food with a diet soda. Before anyone asks, he spoke perfect English. The conversation went something like this.

Man: "Do you mind if I repeat that?"

Me: *confused* "Yes...?"

Man: "Diet diet diet!" *like he was calling to the back... but he gets the drinks so why?*

Me: "..."

Man: "Did you hear that?"

Me: "...Yes." *slightly irritated tone*

*he does work for a while, then...* "Are you sure you heard that?"

Me: "Yes." *flat, pissed off tone*

I was SO pissed. There was NO reason for him to do that except to say, "DIET BITCH! DIET NOW!" And you can bet I called their corporate office to complain. I've never been back to that place, and I never will.
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