bad_jew (bad_jew) wrote in bad_service,

Hey, it's me again...but this is the last update, I hope.

I went into the store today, and I can not believe what happened. Without getting into too many details, it ended with the woman SCREAMING in my face, calling me a liar, lecturing me, cursing at me, calling me names, and threatening me. Apparently the president of UCF is a "dear, personal friend" of hers, and she's going to let him know about me! And then she asked for the president of my fraternity's name...So I gave it to her, and made sure to spell it out. When I took out my phone and asked her sweetly if she'd like the phone number as well, she said no. Shocker.

I have NEVER, EVER been so degraded in my life. Nobody has ever, ever spoken to me like that before. Ever. A business owner, no less, in her place of business. And the things she said to me, so ridiculous. If you want to know details, I'll tell details, but it would take a while to write out, so I'll keep this fairly short. I just...completely flabbergasted.

I walked out of the store and let my little stay, to get the fixed jersey. I called my mom up to let her know that unfortunately, I was going to be expelled from UCF because I pissed off the embroidery lady. She just laughed.

What REALLY got me was that the lady had the audacity to call ME irresponsible. Alright, lady.

I won't even get into how badly she treated her staff. One of the ladies was an older woman with a limp, who obviously wasn't 100% there...She treated this woman as if she were dog shit. It actually made me cringe.

I can't believe how this world works, sometimes. I will be contacting the BBB and also searching for a better place for jerseys.
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