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bank bad service.

So I lost my debit card :(. I spent 2 days looking for it before giving up and reporting it as lost and asked for a new card to be sent out. That was on the 26th, and the guy who helped me said "That will be 3-5 business days, and you can get a temp at your local BoA." Why do I remember the date? Because I made a crack about Turkey Day, and would that make it take longer? He assured me it wouldn't.

Dec. 6th, I still had no card, so I went to the bank and they couldn't give me a temp, it locked up their computer when they tried! So I asked them to check on the card coming to me. Yup, ordered and coming to the correct address. The lady there tells me "Oh, new process! It actually takes 10 regular days, but you should have it by Monday!"

Yesterday I called again because I still have no card, and this time I'm told that "Oh, it's a PHOTO ID CARD! Yeah those take 2 weeks. Gee, someone should have told you that!" I asked her to clarify that that was 2 regular weeks, not business days or anything odd. She said it was, and my card was ordered the 26th. and oh, by the way? Since I called the card in lost instead of waiting in line in the bank to do it, I can't GET a temp card, which is why the computer froze when the bank tried the time I went in.

I still have no debit card, and I hate checks. I've lost my card before, always a photo ID card, and always had it before a week was up. Hell, today I saw a GORGEOUS purse for my mom, perfect for christmas, and my damn check was declined because I've not written a check for Dillard's before. The associate told me that it's not uncommon for a first time check to be declined there if it's a "high dollar amount" (was buying a dooney purse).

Right now I'm tempted to call them on Monday and tell them to check their system for two things: when my card was ordered, and when it shipped. If it shipped over two weeks ago, and I still don't have it, I'm really debating demanding they cancel that card, and fed ex me a new one.

Anyone got any suggestions? Hopefully?

Update: Monday I called and spoke to a Tony, who told me that no, it's not supposed to be 2 weeks. He was VERY apologetic, canceled teh card that wasn't here yet, and had them fed ex a new one. That arrived today (it was supposed to be overnight but we had a nasty ice battle monday night).
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