Daniela (strucksel) wrote in bad_service,

I just remembered this one... happened this summer.

Some friends and I were going out, and went to some kind of bar.
Everything was alright, we sat down at a table,  ordered our cocktails, blabla.
After some time, maybe hours, we were the only ones left. It was about 11 PM, I think.
We had intentionally looked at the menu, where the opening hours said 1 AM, so we still had enough time and didn't worry about being the only table.

Then about.. I don't know, 11:30 -or something-, our glasses WERE empty but we were just considering ordering more, the waitress walks up to us and asks us,
Waitress: So, how is it, do you want to order anything else?
Friend: Uhm, we would like to, yes. (and wants to proceed)
Waitress [extremely annoyed]: Well, then I have to ask the barman if he will still mix drinks. We're about to close.
Friend#2: .. but it says 1 AM on the menu. It's not even 12 yet.
Waitress:  Oh, the time on the menu is old.
Friend#2: But shouldn't you change the time, then? I mean, that's what the customers are looking at.
Waitress: That's not my job.

Hm, okay. She walks off to ask the barman about the drinks, then comes back to tell us we can't order anything anymore.
Why she didn't FIRST ask him and then tell us we can't order anything, but first ask us if that was even the case, I don't know.
Friend#1: Hm, alright. Could we please have our bill, then?
[Waitress is already walking off and wasn't listening anymore.]

We then sit there and wait for her to come back with the bill. She doesn't. For about ten minutes, she walks around the bar, puts the other tables' chairs on the tables, then TURNS OFF THE LIGHT (hello?! if not for some string of lights on the table next to us, we would have been sitting in the dark! O_o), stares out of the window, blablabla, does just about everything except... giving us our bill.
At some point Friend#2 kindly reminds her if we could please have our bill now, and she takes her time to come back with the bill.

I mean, alright, I can understand that it was late, that we were the last customers, but before we went to the bar, we checked everything for any sign about the opening hours - we didn't see any. We found them on the menu and, sorry, assumed they were accurate.
Of course it might not be "her job" to change the opening hours on the menu, but SOMEONE should have done that. It might not be her fault that the menu told us one hour too much, but neither it is OUR fault that we thought it would be open until 1 AM.
Why she didn't give us our bill right away is a miracle to me aswell. Even if she DIDN'T hear my friend ask for it for the first time, what else is there left? We can't order anything, they're about to close... the only thing that's left is to bill us. And we'd leave.

I can imagine she was tired and wanted to get the bar closed, and was incredibly annoyed by us, but.. whaaat. Especially since we didn't do anything and even her first line she spoke to us was so incredibly pissed off. :/
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