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On Sunday my step mother gave birth to a beautiful baby girl [insert more lovely comments and the work]. I am somewhat appalled by the why they treated the baby and my step mother over the course of the stay.

The first issue came when the nurses suggest we undress the premature baby to breast feed her because she was "too comfortable" in her clothes and wouldn't latch properly. My step mom did as they told her, but the baby wouldn't latch. On Tuesday, after an attempt at breast feeding I glanced at my baby sister and said "My God, her lips are purple!" We bundled her up and the nurses said it was normal, she's just cold! About an hour later a doctor stopped by to take her temperature and noted that it was 36.1 when it should have been 36.6. She then reprimanded the undressing of the baby when she was fed.

The second issue came with the nurses passing off her screaming. On Tuesday her cry became hoarse and barely audible. My father was so nervous about this and kept asking every nurse if this was normal. They assured him that it was. The day we were leaving, a doctor heard her crying and told us that she would place a note in the folder for our appointment on Saturday, because it definitely didn't sound normal.

The third issue came from my step-mom's fatigue. She had barely slept more than two hours a night and just wanted to rest. After all the tests were done on Wednesday night, the nurses assured her that she would be able to rest for a few hours as no one would be stopping by. Not even fifteen minutes later, they came back to tell her she would be moving rooms as they would be leaving the next day. They also weren't refunded for the television they paid in the initial room, nor was the television transferred to the new room.

The last issue came as we were leaving. The nurses asked us to get her dressed to leave and place her in the car seat. After all was said and done, we had to undress her so a doctor could take down her identification number on the bracelet on her foot. The doctor agreed that it was sort of redundant to ask us to dress her only to undress her later.
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