Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (pretend_to_care) wrote in bad_service,
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

So, my grandfather died in May. Everything was in his name only. This just worked for them.

Well, we called their internet provider to inform them that he had died and we needed to have the internet switched over to my grandmother's name. Instead, the lovely internet company sent us a letter that basically said, "We received your request to cancel your internet subscription. It has been turned off. Thank you for using [internet service] and feel free to call with any questions."

At no point did we ever indicate that we wanted the service turned off. At the time, my cousin was living with my grandmother and she needed the internet for school.

My grandmother was in no state to talk to them (she ended up dying two months after my grandfather) so I called as her.

Internet guy: Thank you for calling [internet service]'s help line. How can I help you?
Me: Hello, my name is [my grandmother's name]. We were trying to get the internet bills switched to my name, and instead you turned it off.
IG: No problem! We just need to talk to the current account holder to get the name switched.
Me: That would be my husband, who passed away recently. That is why we need it in my name.
IG: Oh, I'm sorry for your loss. It's never easy to lose a loved one. Is [grandfather's name] available to confirm the account holder switch at the moment?
Me: ...[grandfather's name] is deceased. That is why we are switching.
IG: But we need to confirm with [grandfather's name] before we can make any changes to the account.

Lather, rinse, repeat. I finally got fed up of telling him that my grandfather was dead so I requested that he transfer me to someone else. Looooooooong story short: it took about a month and a half for them to send us the paper work to get the internet turned back on. During this time, they attempted to charge us for the internet they had turned off. More than once, the paperwork had blanks that needed to be signed by my dead grandfather.

They live in a small town, and this particular internet service is the only one available. I've never been a fan of this service, and this incident really upset me. We tried filing a complaint after everything, but they weren't even competent enough for that. Buh.
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