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A little while ago, I consigned approximately 20 items. On the day that I had to pick them up, I was told that I either picked them up that day or I could leave them but if anything sold even the next day, they would keep the money. So I asked to take all of my stuff and when I asked to get a piece of jewelry back, they said that it had been put out after all of my items so they couldn't give it to me yet. I asked them why they put it out after all of the other goods when I consigned them at the same time and they said that they didn't know, but if I wanted to take it out early, I would have to pay an extra $10. Since the expiration date of the item was a weekend that we would be away and I didn't want to risk them selling it and keeping the money from it if I didn't pick it up, I opted to take it and pay $10 to get my item back with all of the others.

The place has a policy that they will pay you for your sold items on the 15th of the following month which meant that I was due a check on the 15th of November for approximately $100. When I came there, they said that since it was a Saturday, the check would not be ready till Monday. I came back on the 22nd and asked for my check again and was told they had screwed up my name and would fix it. It's interesting to me that they knew they had a mistake, but waited till I came in to tell me they would make out another check. I told them I had moved so they said they would send the check to my new address.

On December 6th, I came back and asked them if they mailed it because I still hadn't received it. They told me they had but didn't know when. They told me to call back if I didn't receive it this week. I called today and the woman said "all I know is it was mailed". I told her that it shouldn't take more than 2 days for the check to go from her location to mine (we're in the same state) so clearly the check is lost since she apparently had her assistant mail it two weeks earlier. She said she refused to issue another check "this soon" and I told her this thing has been dragging on for a month (not including another month to issue the damn thing in the first place after the items were pulled out). I also brought up how strict she is with her deadlines when it comes to consigners but that she doesn't stick to them herself. She said that someone probably stole the check so she wants to wait to see if its cashed. What is a reasonable time for me to have to wait till she's ready to re-issue a check? It's the principle here, not the $100.

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