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Christmas tree woes...Minor suckage

So the day before thanksgiving I started putting thought into a Christmas tree for this year, I don't have an artificial one I like the fresh cut kind. You know the sort that make your house just smell wonderful and remind you of being little? Well no car this year and I didn't want to ask a friend to strap a live tree to the hood of their car so I did some research online and found the oddest thing. You can buy fresh cut trees online and they DELIVER them! And not too terribly expensive at that!

Excited I shopped around and found a place I liked that had good reviews so I placed my order, the website said it would ship out that Monday. Now the thing with this is, I work indirectly for the shipping company they use. Since the tree farm is the state over from me even being shipped Ground it would reach me the very next day. So excited I placed the order and set to wait for my Christmas tree!

Tuesday rolled around and no tree. Well I didn't think too much about it after all maybe since I was so close they'd shipped it out on Tuesday or with Christmas coming it was a day late. The next day went by with no tree in sight, so I E-mailed the company and asked politely for a tracking number that way I'd know what day it was going to arrive. The company called me back later on and said that due to bad weather they hadn't been able to get out to cut my tree and ship it and that it wouldn't go out until the following monday. I said I understood (I really do) even though I was a bit put out since they could have at least told me that Saturday when they found out there would be a delay. Instead they waited until I'd contacted them about it.

So Monday comes and I'm bouncing since Tuesday I will be getting my tree! Went to bed Tuesday (I sleep during the days since I"m a third shifter) and woke up to see if they'd dropped off my tree or left me a door hanger thing. Neither. But I did get the tree holder I'd ordered from them. Confused I e-mailed the company again to see if I could get a tracking number for the tree in case something was wrong.

They E-mailed me back saying there were shipping delays but it DEFINITELY went out on Tuesday. But no tracking number, they just said that they signed me up for E-mail alerts about the shipment, which they did do since I had an E-mail announcing my tree holder had been delivered. Again no E-mail, no phone call, nothing to say that the tree was shipped late or there were problems. They simply waited until I got a hold of them to come clean. So yesterday I woke up and opened the door to see if I had my tree yet...and no. No tree.

So it's been just over two weeks since I placed my order and I have a tree holder, but no tree. I'm going to E-mail again tonight if it's not here and ask what's going on. I'm hoping it was just a delay since it had rained and iced over last night, but some how I think my's not shipped out yet. I'm more miffed about not having a tracking number. I normally wouldn't be if it were another shipping company but I work for this one so I could track it and find out what's going on with it.

Basic suck...If your not able to meet the deadlines for shipping that you have promised on your site, get a hold of your customer! I won't be ordering a tree from them again I promise. If it's not here today and they don't give me at least a tracking number to find out what's up, I'm going to cancel my order. It's not worth the hassle and for all I know I won't even GET my tree until Christmas.

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