still annie... any way you cut it (tesseracting) wrote in bad_service,
still annie... any way you cut it

a boycott worthy experience...

It was for me, at least. And for that exact reason, I came looking for this community. :D

Last week we needed an imaging drum for our laser printer. It's not the type of thing that office supply stores (or even Frys >.< ) have in stock. Understanding that it would have to be special ordered, we call the Office Depot nearest us and order said printer drum.

It's paid for over the phone, and they say "you can pick it up tomorrow." Fine and dandy.

The next day, I showed up at the store to pick it up. Three different employees checked in three different places for it, but the order is nowhere to be found. Pissed off, because they said it would be in, and it was vital to have, I leave.

I went over to pick John up for lunch. (He's the one that placed the order on the phone.) We go back to Office Depot, and it *still* hasn't shown up. (not to mention standing in line for 10 minutes... one person was at customer service, and at least two others were standing, where I could see them, doing nothing.) While they look, we're at last offered seats in the model furniture area.

No luck. "UPS forgot to put it on the truck". Word-for-word, that's the excuse they gave us. The way the guy said it, you knew it was a fucking lie.

"Fine, we want a refund." They find the in-store print out, but we don't have the card that was used for the order, so I'll have to go back later.

TRIP NUMBER THREE: this time a different guy is behind the counter. I use a very firm voice, saying "I want my money back." I give him the recepit, and the card. Ten minutes of run-around and computer-checking later, I'm told that a refund can't be given unless he has the item I'm getting a refund for with him.

So... it's late, and I can't have my money back. *fangs*

Fast forward five days (that was last wednesday, next part happens yesterday)

If "UPS forgot to put it on the truck" on Wednesday, then they'll have gotten it for sure by Monday, right? Nope. no dice.
They did have a printer drum alright, but it was a) under the wrong name, and b) the wrong model. I don't even know if it was our order, but wtf?! How hard is it to get a special order right?

The employees asked a few times if we called their corperate number, but we had called the store directly. I got the idea that someone screwed up in taking our order in the first place.

With all this crap, I'm not going back to OfficeDepot. Even if it is within walking distance, I'd rathter take my business to Staples.

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