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Eye Doctor Oddness

This all happened this August.

First a little background. I have had poor eyesight and have worn glasses for thirty years. In all that time I've used the same practice, although for roughly half that time there was a different doctor involved. He has long since retired. Another thing about me of note, is that I am a very large woman. I do not say and mean merely overweight, but rather in the 'Jerry Springer/Geraldo, lets hire a crane' sense of the word large; Six hundred pounds in fact. I can move around my house and take care of light housework and kids, as long as I am careful not to overdo things. That being said, a trip out to the doctor's office is a bit more of a strain, but doable, with care. Due to size, there is often the issue of people saying, or assuming you smell. Because of that I always take extra cautions with deodorant/antiperspirant, bathing, and other hygiene issues, most especially when I'm going to be in close proximity to someone else.

On my previous visit to this eye doctor, I got two pair of glasses with identical lenses. After I got them, I called the office and let them know there was an issue with the prescription. My left lens was simply horrible. If I close my right eye I cannot see a thing, as it is everything has a slightly wavy quality to it. I tested it against my old lenses and the old ones offered a MUCH better view. I was told I simply need to wear them for a week or two to get used to them, and that the issue was because my eye sight had deteriorated in that eye. I tried to explain how the old lenses were much clearer, and was scolded that 'going back to the old pair will just make the adjustment harder, leave them alone and wear the new glasses for awhile.' I waited a week and was then informed that it was too late to get new lenses I should have said something sooner if there was a problem. At no point did they admit there could have been a mess up on their part. I had hoped this mix up was on the part of his snooty aide/secretary/whatever.

A year goes by and I'm eagerly looking forward to improved vision and a set of lenses that might oh... FIT my eyes. So I scheduled an appointment for myself, my niece(4), and my nephew(2). My sister came along to manage her kids and to help me. After a few minutes in the waiting room, the doctor came to retrieve us. He called the three of us who had an appointment by name, and then as he started walking away, reiterated who we were only this time in generalities and a nod in our directions; Kids *nod* Mom *nod to my sister* Dad *aborted nod to me"

This in and of itself was a bit questionable, but easily blown past as a slip of the tongue. After all, while I may be fairly huge in size, I am also decently endowed up top, have long hair, and wearing a very long top with several large multicolored butterflies. Not to mention the little fact that he's been my doctor for roughly half my life.

We walked to the back area, where he has a second small waiting area. Instead of taking either myself or the kids in separately, which was to my knowledge standard procedure, he called us all into the exam room. He asked that I take a seat in the exam chair, and I let him know the sides of the exam chair needed removed. Those, I know from previous visits BOTH come off. He releases one and leaves one on, which allows me to get into the chair, but not evenly. I am clearly listing slightly to the right at this point. Instead of offering to remove the other arm he demands I put my feet on the foot rest.

At this point my sister is in the corner of the room with both children. They are surprisingly well behaved at this point. When one asked what they were doing, the Doctor hisses out, "You have to keep them quiet. I can't work if they're going to be back there carrying on."

We were both a little surprised at his attitude and tone, and didn't really know how to react. He turned to me and began shining the light into my eye and started my exam. He quickly moves on to having me look through the machine and asking me to compare lenses, (Is it better here... or here. And is it better here... or here. One... and two.) I answer, and he insists I'm wrong, and he can't help me since I'm not answering correctly. I'm a little confused as to how you answer those sorts of questions wrong. Then he refers to my previous prescription. Light bulb having gone off I explain how 'off' the last prescription was and how much better my previous lenses were. He points out how the last two sets of lenses were the same. I agree but point out that they were BOUGHT at the same time and both were made with what I can only assume was the wrong prescription.

The man kind of scoffs at me and then starts demanding I lean my head back, while I'm still trying to explain about the previous lenses. Mind you he hadn't even looked at my right eye at this point. He insists again that I tilt my head back and gets into my personal space with the dropper bottle. I realize this is standard procedure, since you have to be close to drop the drops, but he was really PUSHING me to tip my head and let him put in the drops, over talking me and just moving until I relent and tip my head. At no point does he mention WHAT the drops are for. He reaches beside me and pulls out several tissues and hands them to me, before giving me some unusual instructions.

"Don't stab your... er don't dab your eyes. Wipe your face, you're sweating."

Now let me paint this situation for you. I'm a six hundred pound woman on a warm day, in an office with no air conditioning, I'm in a tiny room with one spot light pointed at me and four other people around, with my very bizarre acting doctor hoovering in my space. Yes I was sweating a little. We are NOT talking sweat dripping like I'd just run a marathon, we are talking a little bit of a shiny face.

I take the offered wad of tissues, and before I can find my feet mentally speaking, the following conversation takes place.

ED = Eye Doc
Me = Duh
Sis = My Sister - again Duh

ED: Ok well you need to go to another optometrist.
Me: Huh? Why?
ED: Yeah you need to go. Unless you want me to take a look at the kids.
Sis: You can't seem to manage to examine my sister, and think I need you to look at my kids? No, we'll find someone else.
ED: Ok.
Me: What were the drops you just put in? And why do I need to go to another Doctor.
ED: Don't worry about those; we won't be charging you. This never happened.

Me and Sis share a glance at his tone at that last part. It was almost like he was one of those crazy penguins from Madagascar, only not funny. As we left the office he just kept repeating 'This never happened.'

I reported his behavior to my medical insurance, and the reply I ever got was that a. they would be happy to schedule me with another doctor, and b. upon someone speaking to his office, he claimed that he stopped the exam due to hygiene.

Now I admit I'm not always a bed of roses, but I took all reasonable precautions here, and it hadn't been very long from shower -> office since we only live a couple blocks away. I even had my sister 'Sniffing' me to see if that had been the issue. If I had been unhygienic, ok I can maybe see him not wanting me as a patient, but that doesn't explain the weirdness factor in the visit, or the possible malpractice of the messed up lenses.
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