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This wasn't the worst service however, it did suck. I went to BK to get my Husband dinner on the way home. I order a double whopper with cheese large sized, with onion rings and a chocolate shake, a small chocolate shake on its own and an apple  juice.

After repeating myself, (not a big deal) he gets the order. we finally get to the window and rather then hi your total is xx.xx I get "xx.xx". Ok annoying, whatever however after I hand him my money I have change coming back. He is so into joking with his coworkers he sticks his hand out the window behind him. He doesn't bother to turn around a look at me as he is giving me my change, well after a minute or so of him standing there and just holding the change he turns and without a word hands it to me. I get the hubby's shake and wait. finally he comes over to the window and says they are out of onion rings, I asked if they could drop any (I worked at BK at one point it is possible to do) he says no they don't have any at all.  He asks if fries are all right (well yeah not like I have a choice.) so I get the bag of food, the apple juice and he tells me to have a good night. So I ask where my small shake is, he argues that I didn't order. When he looks at the screen he realizes I'm right so i finally get the shake and 7 minutes after pulling up to the window I get to leave. Not the worst service but really not that impressive.
Tags: *fast food
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