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confrontational book store clerk

So I went to a local bookstore called Thackeray's to get gift cards for some people. I also wanted to see if they had a graphic novel in. The first employee said that yes and he looked a little. Their graphic novel section is so disorganized. He didn't find one but said that there were 400 in the warehouse and it shouldn't take long to get in. I look a little more thoroughly and then just decided to order it.

I go talk to another employee, a woman. She fills out the order form, looks up the book and tells me that it's being reprinted. I say that someone else told me there were 400 copies in the warehouse.

E:    When were you told this? (imagine a patronizing tone)
Me: About twenty minutes ago
E:    Who told you this?!
Me: The guy in the blue plaid in the back.

So we head back there and she looks it up again. Turns out that the guy had misread the screen. I state that I feel misled because I was told it would be easy to get in. She basically blew up at me.

"Don't you ever make mistakes?!"
"This isn't life or death!"

That's word for word what she said to me. I couldn't believe that she had said that to me. I just went to the front and got my gift certificates. While up there, I just decide to cancel my order. I don't want to give the store that has such employees like that any more money. I head to the back and stand in line. While in the line, the lady who blew up at me came back and helped the people behind me. Way to avoid your mistakes.

I finally spoke to a person there, I wasn't sure if she was a manager or not and she basically blamed it on holiday stress. That's not an excuse, but I was upset and just wanted to leave. I again stated that I just felt misled and did not appreciate the way the employee treated me. I also said that I didn't like the way she bypassed me and helped the people behind me. They ended up calling and leaving me a voicemail at 3pm saying that they had found the graphic novel and would hold it for two weeks. That's supposed to make me feel better? I asked them to cancel my order.

To top off my whole experience with them, I got home to fill out the gift certificates. They're paper ones with the amount filled out on the front and then printed on the back. The cashier hadn't matched up the amounts! So now I have gift cards with $25 written on the front, but $20 written on the back. I really don't want to have to go back there, especially since it's kinda far and out of my way.

Anybody have any suggestions with how to deal with this? I feel like I was brushed off and it may have something to do with my age, which is stupid. I'm in my middle twenties.
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