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In celebration of the restoration of our lovely lovely comm, i bring you COPY PASTA! Originally posted over in customers_suck and now back where it belongs.

"I'm gonna be the first to took advantage of the nice miss kittylair's offer to allow BS posts to be placed here until things get fixed.

This is my update on my issues with a lying sales clerk yesterday at forever21. I'm not sure if editing my post over there will have any affect with the hacker so i'd just rather not take the chance

I went in this morning to the store to talk to the manager. I explained the situation to them, showed them the note i had taken yesterday that proves the store was indeed holding the dress for my sister. It turns out, the woman who had called my sister to tell her to come in to get the dress was the same woman i was currently talking to. She apologized and told me that the sales clerk would be written up for this and she would have to talk to the store manager to figure out what consequences would be doled out.

she also offered to call around and see if any area stores had the dress and to go pick it up for me herself. She also offered a discount. I thanked her and let her know that we had already gotten another dress from Macys and that we wouldn't need the forever21 dress anymore. i also let her know that as long as that employee was with the company, i would no longer shop at that store, nor would anyone else i know. (okay bluff because obviously i could come into the store and that employee be off for the day and i wouldnt know if she still works for the company or not but i just wanted to make very sure that i was completely unsatisfied with her and i would be unsatisfied with the store if the girl wasnt reprimanded.)

as far as i'm concerned, i got a perfectly reasonable and logical answer for the bad service i was given. I know a lot of stores would kiss the customer's ass while they are in the store and then forget about things after they leave but i feel like the manager was honestly sorry this all happened and was embarrassed at the crap service that occurred. I'm satisfied. =)"
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