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this really made me angry. early last week my sister went to the local Forever21 and saw a dress on a mannequin that she fell in love with and wanted for her banquet next week. It was the last one. She asked the people there if she could try it on and they told her that it was on the mannequin and they weren't allowed to take it off the mannequin until tuesday. However, they would hold the dress for her on tuesday if she came back. she said okay and left her name and number.

this morning, she got a phone call from them to let her know they had the dress ready for her. she told them she would be in after 3 because she was working until 3. she got off work early, picked me up and we went over there. got there around 1:30-ish. The girl at the counter looked around for it and about fifteen minutes later came back and told us that she had given it to another customer about twenty minutes prior to us showing up and the customer was currently trying it on. My sister was more than welcome to wait until the other customer was dressed and the store clerk had an opportunity to talk to the other customer about the mixup.

we puttered around the store for a while and 20 minutes later, we were ready to go so we went to ask the clerk.

here goes the convo:

Sister: Um did you have a chance to talk to the girl who was trying on my dress?
Clerk: Yeah. she's buying the dress.
Sister: I had that dress on hold for almost a week because it was on the mannequin. you guys called me this morning and i said i would be in for it.
Clerk: Well you didn't. the note said you didnt want it and to put it back on the floor.
Sister: no, i didn't. i said i would be in after 3 to get it but i got off work early so i'm here now.
Clerk: I think i would know! I'm the one who works here!

she pulls out the note from a pile of papers and i look at it. It clearly says on there: "Hold until close for Customer (Sister's first and last name and her phone number)"

i dont know about you, but about 1 o'clock when she gave the dress to someone else is not closing time. closing time for them is 9. And then lying to us?

i asked to see the manager but the girl kept insisting that the manager was at lunch. I took the note with me and her name and she can bet her happy ass i will be at the store tomorrow morning to have a word with the manager about what crappy service we got from the clerk. not only did she waste our time "looking" for a dress she knew she gave to someone else, she was rude and lied to us.

fucking pissed me off. and for anyone who cares, we ended up getting my sister a dress at Macys instead.

EDITED to add that the note also had today's date on it, the initials of the person who called my sister (not the same person as the clerk) and the time that my sister was called. completely clear and no way she could have mistaken it.
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