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Following on from the other property managment posts:

I live in an apartment building. The property manager doesn't live here and manages other buildings besides this one.

A few months ago, my flatmate's car got broken into. This has also happened to some of my neighbours. The carpark is part of the building and you can only get in there if you have an acess card (which she is in charge of). When we tried to talk to the property manager about it, she just said the carpark wasn't her problem and she wouldn't do anything about it.

Our lift is prone to breaking down for no reason, it just stops between floors. When one of my flatmates was caught in it, it not only took two hours to get people out of the lift, but she threatend to evict all of us for breaking it (the doors had to be forced opened as one of the people there was claustraphobic). She then charged my flatmate $300 for 'repairs'.

Thankfully she can't evict us as our landlord is my flatmate's dad and he isn't kicking us out anytime soon. This lift breakdown happens almost every week. But apparently it's the residents' fault and not hers - I don't see why she can't just get it fixed! 


Tags: apartment hell

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