Katie (quixotic_belle) wrote in bad_service,

Taste the Difference

I'm standing in line at Starbucks, and a barista behind the bar yells "Next!" and marks a cup for me.
She did not look to be in a good mood, but whatever, who is when they are serving basically all sleep-deprived college students.

So I order a double short sugar-free cinnamon dolce latte w/ soy (yo vegans!). Obnoxious, I know, but I've been drinking it for about year now, and it doesn't cause problems. I work at a different Starbucks location myself, so I know it's more words, but really not too bad.

Anyway, I get to the cash register, and as I am paying, I see the barista on bar putting syrup in my cup (it's the only little one), but it's not sugar-free. So I politely ask her to change it. I felt bad...but I want what I ordered.

No major suck yet, it's easy to make a syrup mistake.

Then she calls my drink "Double short skinny CDL...um...with soy." Right away I am nervous, because she didn't mark a new cup, she just tried to remember from the other one. And "skinny" means non-fat milk. But she said "soy" right? So as I am leaving, I take a tentative sip. Phlegm fills my mouth. That is some non-fat milk right there. She. Totally. Lied.

I didn't have time to go make her fix the drink, plus it was a little bit busy, and I pity all my fellow baristas, but I was pissed. I have not had milk purposefully for a year. It would have made me sick. Plus, I paid extra for soy. Plus she LIED. She must have caught her mistake as she was calling, but instead of fixing it, she just handed off the drink. Soy is steamed separately, so she would have known for sure that the milk was wrong.

No caffeine for me! It's not a huge deal, but I am still annoyed. What if I had been allergic!
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