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doctors office

This still makes me angry, so.

To explain, I am twenty and my little brother is six. Most people think he's my kid and I pick him up from school and take him to the doctor/dentist/whatever regularly.

We've had issues with this particular doctors office on several occasions. From little stuff like the receptionist being rude to bigger things like the time my brother was incredibly sick so we called for an appointment and they offered a spot for next week, (helpful guys, his brain might be fried from his fever by then).

First suck:
My brother, like I said, is six years old and extremely active. Like he knows how to swim, ride a bike, skateboard, all that. My mom talked to his doctor about how active he was and without performing any tests or having known him that long, (three, maybe four visits at the MOST), decided to put him on Concerta, an ADHD medication. He was on this medication for two weeks before my mom decided it wasn't working for him... he had insomnia, was cranky, irritable, lashing out, and so on.

The doctor and my mom got into a fight about this that was pretty bad. The doctor offered no other options in medication and, once again, offered no tests.

While this argument was going on, my brother was in a really bad car/bike accident. The chain on his bike fell off and he couldn't stop and ended up in the middle of the street. A car hit him. Six year old vs. car. Bad.

Because of the damage to his head, (his helmet apparently wasn't on right and went flying... it was a really bad situation), the neurologist said he couldn't be on any kind of mind-altering drugs. Such as... Concerta!

He had problems in school after his accident- not being able to focus and awful headaches being the most prominent.

His main doctor is convinced that he still needs to be on Concerta, despite what a neurologist told us. She went as far as to say it was neglect not having him on it and his inability to focus, (which was never a problem before the accident), was because of his "ADHD".

Again. He was never tested. The drug made him miserable. She offered no alternative. Another doctor, after performing extensive tests on his healing skull, told us DO NOT give him ANY mind altering drug.



Another time, I was supposed to be picking my older brother up from work, but was taking my little brother and my mom to the doctor first. I had a half hour and it was supposed to be a quick visit, so I thought I had time to sit with them.

We were in the lobby for a while and I left my cellphone in the car, so I went out to check the time. While I was out there, I had a cigarette and loitered around a bit before going back into the lobby. I was outside for less than ten minutes, but the doctor had already taken my mom and brother in back.

I walked up to the receptionist and asked if I could go back there.

She stared at me. I stared back. She curled her lip in this really disgusted way while I looked slightly baffled.

"No. You can't."

"Um. Why?"

"Only parents can go back there."

Well that's a downright lie. I have been in the back with him before and taken him to the same doctor office before in the past.

"Uh. Well can you go get my mom for a second?"

..because it was almost time for my brother to get off work and I needed to know if I should stay or run and get him.

The receptionist nodded. It was curt and she still looked at me like I was something on the bottom of her shoe.

Then. She didn't move. I kept checking the time, getting annoyed. She kept writing whatever she was writing. There were two other people in the office and she didn't ask either one of them to get my mother for me.

Another woman walked in and stood behind me, so I moved to the right. The woman asked me if I was in line and I told her, "No, I'm just waiting for them to get my mom."

I waited for another ten minutes before giving up, grinding my teeth and telling the receptionist that I'd be back eventually. She only glared.

It was her attitude that bothered me. I understand not wanting to let random people into the back, but I had been there before with him and come in with both of them. She KNEW that and she was being a complete. Well, you know the word. I WAS impatient and annoyed, but I wasn't rude to her or aggressive in the slightest. It's just not my personality.

When I got back with my older brother, my mom and younger brother were waiting outside the doctors office. My mom was pissed because, apparently, right after I left, the receptionist went into their room and told her that I was waiting and acting "crazy".

She went on to say that since I was being so "impatient and rude" they would just reschedule the appointment and she sent my mom back into the lobby, KNOWING I'd already left.

While my mom was waiting for me to come back, the receptionist felt the need to add that, "Your daughter is crazy! She needs to be on some kind of medication to control her!" and laughed.

Let me just say that this is a doctors office...meaning that, there really are people with emotional and behavioral problems that frequent this place. That's really not a funny thing to joke about, considering the profession.

In short. His doctor's office sucks.

OH. EDITED TO ADD. I was telling my mother I posted here and let her read it and she would like to say that my little brother's DOCTOR was the one who said "Your daughter is crazy! She needs to be on some kind of medication to control her!"

The. Doctor. Said. That.
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