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Posted on behalf of the hubbie

Warning: Since this is medically related I'm putting it behind a cut. If you are eating, I suggest not clicking until you are done.

Hubbie has had a good many kidney stones in the past, although none in the past 5 yrs that we've been together (maybe because he no longer lives off Coke and Fritos). Suffice it to say, he knows a kidney stone when he feels it.

Yesterday morning after I went to work he woke up with pain and couldn't pee. He debated about going to the ER but felt a little nervous since he wasn't DYING of pain, just in a lot of it (Male stoicism and all). However, being the smart cookie that he is he decided that maybe he shouldn't wait until the pain got so bad he would be "puking and [soiling] himself. "

For once he was able to walk into the ER instead of crawling. I actually really like this ER b/c it's small town so it's amazing if you even need to wait 15 minutes to go back. The nurse was very nice, took vitals, had him pee in a cup. It was blood and had little bits of (sorry) flesh in it, i.e. the lining of his kidneys. The doc comes in and is skeptical and asks "Are you really in pain?" and "HOW much pain?". Just because the hubbie was not writhing on the floor does not mean he isn't in pain. Usually any time you are pissing out the lining of your organs, there is pain involved. Nurse asks if hubbie should get some pain meds now. Doc wants to wait.

Took him back for a CT scan.  4mm stone in the right, 6mm stone in the left. Yes Virginia, he does have kidney stones. Once back in the room (and while the ER is quick, it has now been over 3 hours since he woke up and is still in pain), the doc says he'll prescribe some pain meds "this time." So, wait, if he comes back bleeding when he pees, no meds? Is there some sort of lifetime limit for Lortabs for kidney stones?

I am very tempted to call the hospital, but according to the name on the discharge sheet,  I have had him before and he was very nice and responsive then. Which doesn't mean he should treat his patients differently, and maybe he was just having a bad day, but of course I'm biased towards my hubbie.

In short, I know there are people who go to the ER to get a fix, and I know there are people who go in because they are in serious in pain from something that can't be "seen" but is totally legit. But hubbie had blood and CT scans to confirm diagnosis -- give him meds with no judgement.
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