Well-behaved women seldom make history. (lil_ms_drama) wrote in bad_service,
Well-behaved women seldom make history.

Does this make me a sucky customer or her a sucky worker?

I'm glad I found this community. I was wondering where, besides my own journal, I could rant about this?

After my cousin's wedding, we were on our way home and Cliff (my husband) was still hungry despite being so tired that he nearly ran into medians 2x. He pulled over and had me drive but before we took off, he asked to go through the McDonald's drive-thru. Since I'm driving, there's not too many good things I can eat since salad is now out of the question, so I order a McNugget 6 piece meal and both of the guys order McRib meals. (YUK!) There was 1 regular Coke for Nick (my roommate) and 2 Diet Cokes for me and Cliff.

I pay for my bill at the 1st window. I pull up to the 2nd window and the girl starts handing me the drinks. I ask her which ones were regular and which was diet. She says she forgot to mark them. I explain I need to know because there are diabetics in the car. She says to me "Can't you just taste them to find out?" I reply "And go into a diabetic coma? Sure." at which point she ripps the coke out of my hand, huffs, and pours 3 more drinks while slamming down the ones she already poured. I thanked her profusely for doing what should have been her job in the first place and she gave me attitude while handing them to me. Of course, I did watch her to make sure she didn't mix something foreign in the drinks.

I've had my own customers talk to supervisors for lesser problems than I had with this girl. I'm sure I could've gotten a refund had I pressed the issue. I know the phrase "I'll never come to this McDonald's again" has no value there because I probably will never come back there just because it's across town and it's one of those McD's that is attached to a gas station so they make a lot of money that my $10 isn't going to matter much.

Now, I understand that you're young. I'm sure no one in your family has diabetes or if they do, they don't give a damn what happens now because they're not close to getting their feet cut off from having it, however there's some peple in this universe that despite eating McDonald's for a meal would like to not eat as much sugar as the 16 ounce drinks have because they know the reality of diabetes. I also know you're getting paid minimum wage to schlep burgers for a living. I'm sorry about that, truly I am. Honestly, I don't get paid that much more than you do in my job, they just make me dress like I do. The Cokes that you threw out didn't come from your own personal paycheck. I'd be pissed to (at myself for making such a dumb mistake) if I had to pay for not marking which Cokes were diet or not.

So, thank you. Thank you for getting angry at me for wanting what I ordered correct and without attitude when you didn't do it right to the point that it could hurt someone.

~ lil_ms_drama
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