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Thanks a bunch, doc... (mild, but still Not Good)

This past semester has been a tough one, and I've been feeling like crap. I've been putting it off as stress, but was finally convinced (boyfriend & mother ganging up on me ftw) to see the doctor and get a blood test, in case it was anemia, a thyroid issue, or something else entirely. So I called the doctor and made an appointment, specifically to get my thyroid tested (therapist has been theorizing that my thyroid may specifically be a problem).

Background: I've been going to this "health group" for quite a long time, 5 or 6 years.

Wednesday, Nov. 19th
Get to the doctor's office, nurse brings me to the little room and asks me the normal round of questions, typing the answers into her laptop. One of them is "Have you been taking your meds?"
Me: Well, I went off Antidepressant A and Anti-Anxiety B this summer...
Nurse: Okay, but have you been taking your thyroid medication?
Me: No...I'm not on any, I've never been tested...that's why I'm here, is to get tested. *it may come across as condescending, but I promise, I'm just meek*
Nurse: Oh...OH! Oh, okay, let me back up a few questions then and change the reason you're here from "thyroid" to "fatigue."
Me: Okay! *smilesmile, my chart is RIGHT THERE, but hey, people make mistakes!*

She finishes up, leaves, Doctor A comes in a few minutes later.

Doctor A: *yadda yadda yadda* And have you been taking your medications?
Me: *Oh, please, no...* ...Well, I went off Antidepressant and Anti-Anxiety--
Doctor A: No no, your thyroid meds.
Me: *my chart is RIGHT. THERE.*, I haven't been tested, that's why I'm here.
Doctor A: Oh, okay, *questions relating to thyroid*

The meds thing is not necessarily awful service. Annoying, sure, but they're human, they might be busy, fine. He asks me some questions about how I've been feeling, feels my thyroid glands, then sends me down the hall to get my blood drawn. He tells me the results will be in early next week, they won't call until Monday or Tuesday. This is important.

Thursday, Nov. 20th

I get out of my mid-day class, I see I have a voice mail. It's Doctor A, saying only that I need to call back ASAP. Not expecting anything until next week, so I'm a bit o.o;;;, and I call back.

Doctor A: Okay, yeah, the test came back positive for Lyme.
Me: Oh. I had Lyme over two years ago, and I thought that I could test positive for it even when it wasn't active. Could it be that?
Doctor A: Huh. I don't know. It was just the preliminary test, first to come back, doesn't get in depth, etc etc.

...Again. You have my chart and medical history right there, it would take all of a minute to check and see if this could possibly be the case. Doing that and waiting until Monday to see full results (as you have to do anyway) is preferable to calling and alarming me. Also, you're a doctor, if you don't know, then I certainly don't with my distinct LACK of medical training.

He says they'll call me next week when they find out the full results, and that's when they'll know if the Lyme is active or not.

Monday, Nov. 24: No call. Okay, it's coming in tomorrow.

Tuesday, Nov. 25: No call. I leave for vacation over Thanksgiving break, don't get back until the Friday after. Maybe they got out early Tuesday because of the holiday week or something. No biggie. I'll call back next week.

Monday, Dec. 1: No call, and I forget to call. My bad.

Tuesday, Dec. 2: Call and ask if my results are in. Receptionist says she'll leave a note for Doctor B (who I normally see) to call me later that day. I get no call.

Wednesday, Dec. 3: I give them the whole day to call back and therefore don't call back myself. No call.

Thursday, Dec. 4: I forget to call. My bad.

Friday, Dec. 5: I call in the morning.
Receptionist: Doctor A won't be in until Monday, I'll leave him a note to call.
Me: When I called on Tuesday I was told Doctor B would call me back.
Receptionist: Well, Doctor B isn't in on Tuesdays (?! then why was I told that?!), but she's in today, I'll leave a note for her to call you.
I thank her, hang up, wait.
My god, she called back. I do, indeed, have Lyme. She sends the scrip off to the pharmacy while I'm on the phone, and is very nice and sweet. I have my meds, I'm taking them for the next 3 weeks, woohoo.

I'll admit that the times didn't call back were my fault--in my defense, it's the end of my last semester at this school ever, and let's just say I'm STRESSED. OUT.

However. The doctor was so quick on the draw that he had to call when the first Lyme results came in BEFORE checking my chart, and then couldn't call again for over two weeks? Meaning I've had Lyme for at least that long (no doubt longer, I've felt like crap for months) without treatment. If you had called when you said, at the most I'd have been waiting a week between test and treatment. Thank you ever so much, now I'll be going through Finals while just starting the antibiotics, which, if I remember correctly from last time, start off really rough in my system. >.<

Of course, I shouldn't be surprised. The last time I had Lyme, they closed for a week to move only an hour after I left, and in doing so (a) did NOT call in my scrip as promised, (c) did not pass the scrip/case/whatever to a back-up doctor, and (c) did not inform me, in any way, at any time, that by the way we're moving. I had to convince their answering service's back-up doctor to call in the antibiotics without seeing me, and the next time I made an appointment I had to ask where they moved, they did not volunteer it or even mention the move. If I hadn't found out from the answering service, I wouldn't have known until I got to the old, empty building. >.<

Lyme is srs biznz, plz give me my antibiotics ASAP...
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