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Please know your own menu.

Long story short:

I went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner and ordered a Chicken Yakiudon. Description on the menu: stir fry udon with seasonal vegetables with teriyaki chicken. Sounded delicious. I pointed to the menu as I ordered (for I've experienced far too many "misunderstandings" in other places).

The waitress comes back with my "yakiudon" - a bowl of soup udon with beef.

Me: Oh sorry, I ordered the yakiudon with chicken.
Her: Yeah, this IS the yakiudon. Was this not what you were expecting?
Me: ... Oh? Perhaps I said the wrong one? I'm pretty positive I ordered the yakiudon.
Her: This IS the yakiudon. See? *motions at udon in the soup*
Me: But the menu said it was a stir fry..?
Her: Oh. I guess. I'll go check.

I'm sorry but I would assume that working in a Japanese restaurant, you would at least know that anything with the word "yaki" in it does not come in soup form, with the exception of a nabeyaki. And that beef =! chicken. Just a thought.
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