this is a song about anal sex and god (kali1967) wrote in bad_service,
this is a song about anal sex and god

I needed a new phone so I went into Carphone Warehouse today...

So, after standing in line for forty minutes, I make it to the counter.

Me: Is that Nokia the cheapest Vodafone mobile you've got?
Cashier: *looks up on computer* Does it need to be Vodafone?
Me: Yeah, I've already got the sim card so I just need the phone.
C: Okay then, yeah, that's the cheapest.
Me: So I can just put the card in that phone and it'll work?
C: Yeah, with Vodafone it's X amount....

*blah blah sales stuff, in which I talk to my mum about bypassing the hassle of getting a new number*

C: Now, the phone is X amount, but you have to buy £10 credit with it.
Me: Not a problem, I'm running low anyway and was going to top up later.

*blah blah, sells it to me*

Me: So how do I put the credit on my sim card? Do you need the number?
C: Oh no, the credit's gone on this sim card here, it's an automatic system
Me:.... I can't put it on my own sim card?
C: No, sorry.
Me: You just decided not to mention this? I specifically wanted a Vodafone so I didn't have to switch numbers, I've mentioned that several times and you just decided not to mention that I can't put the credit on my card until after I've bought the phone?
C: I'm sorry, but it's an automatic-
Me: Yeah, I get that. *leaves*

So yeah, I've now got a sim card with ten pounds on it that I don't want to use and probably won't :(

EDITED to remove a swear word I didn't say at the time, apologies for including it but I was writing from memory and was swearing a whole lot in my head. But I did cut him off at the end.

EDITED again to say seriously, people, chill out. I apologise for putting in a swear word I didn't say in reality (just thought a whole lot), but this has gone beyond stupid now. I'm not pissed at the cashier for doing his job, just for not explaining things properly. But to be honest I don't care anymore so this is me, flouncing away. *waves*
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