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Bad Service at Perl's

Alright, so, due to the fact that I am rather... enthusiastic when it comes to playing around with my bf, my frames for my glasses have suffered a breakdown of the unfixable sort. Me, being the adventurous sort I am, decided that it was not a large problem, and off I went to put my prescription in my replacement frames.

And so I arrived at Perl's, money in hand, and mistakenly thinking that my adventure into the wondrous world of corrective optometry would be a short one indeed. I entered into the establishment just a tiny bit after three- still a good few hours before closing time. I walk to the front desk and tell the lady at the counter what I wanted, namely to have my current prescription placed into my replacement frames, which I had with em for easy access. This is where the bad service started, and where I shall switch to the dreaded script format:

Me: *bows*
Rude Receptionist Lady: RRL

Me: Hello, there! I've broken my glasses and would like to have my current prescription placed in these frames, please.
RRL: Well, I can't just read your prescription and put them in the frames. I need to have your information. (Said in a VERY condenscending tone)
Me. *Blinks* Yes, I've got my information right-
RRL: Write yoru name on this post-it, I'll be back later to look up your information. *Walks off in a huff*
Me: *D:< WTF?* But I've my info... *gives up and writes name on post-it, and proceeds to wait.*

Time passed in a slow crawl. The whole time, I could see RRL wandering around, yakking at her co-workers and obviously ignoring the hell out of me. At one point, I heard the following:

RRL: She doesn't get that I'm not going to serve her- not with that stupid hair.
RRL's Co-worker: LOLOMG I NO RITE?

At this point, it was a giant, infuriating WTF. My hair is cut very short- G.I. Jane length, you might say. I realize that most people find this odd on a girl, but to say so within earshot of me, after having ignored me for a good half an hour (it was 3.30 now), I decided that enough was enough. I quickly grabbed a manager's contact card off of the front desk, and, taking my glasses, left. Thus ended my adventure into the wonderful world of optometry.

I will be making a complaint about RRL, and I will also not be goign back there for my needs. At least Vision Express's employees are not douchebags, even if it is a little more expensive.

UPDATE: So, I called the manager, and I was assured that the woman would go through the utmost disciplinary action. Hopefully, I'll see her out on the street corner during the next snow storm.
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