amber (aamberrr) wrote in bad_service,

Apartment suck

So, this might not be absolutely TERRIBLE; I'm not sure because this is my first apartment, and the first time we've had to deal with maintenance, but anyways...

Last night, my roommate's toilet overflowed. So we called emergency maintenance at 6:00 pm. Apparently an overflowing toilet is not an emergency, because they asked if they could come at 8:00 this morning instead. Fine, no big deal. My roommate left for work at 9:30a.m., while I was still in bed, and texted me saying "The guy didn't come yet so if he does can you let him in?" ... okay. I left the apartment at 10:40 for work, still no maintenance person. As far as I know, they have a key, so we figured they might come while we were at work... I just got home, and there is no paperwork, and her toilet is still obviously broken...

Um... wtf? It's annoying that we called in an "emergency" and still have gotten no response.

[edited to fix a missed word]
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