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Delivery Driver Jerk

Alright, this happens to be within the context of the company I work for being the customer and a delivery driver who represents his company which is a 3rd party who represents another company...

Firstly, I work at a warehouse which happens to distrubute porn. The company itself does sell other regular DVDs, my particular branch however, pretty much just does the porn and some computer stuff.

Anyways, so yea, people aren't always down with our product, thats fine. I don't care, have your opinions, but we're not sitting there watching it and enjoying ourselves. No, we're pulling it off the shelves and boxing it up for shipment to someone else, it's our job, we do it like any other job and do our damndest to maintain quality and professionalism.

So this delivery driver shows up. First rings the bell to the door, waits about ten seconds rings it again. Our boss goes over and opens up for him. Guy tries to get him to sign the invoice. Boss tells him, "Sorry I'll sign it after  I check the order and make sure its all here." hands it back.
Guy takes the invoice, then asks to use the bathroom. Boss tells him thats cool but asked if he could remove the block on the shipment real fast so he can get it unloaded. Guy says to him, "What you cant do it on your own?"
Boss tells him, "It's your job and I don't know how to."
Guy then shows him how to remove it, then proceeds off to the bathroom. Comes back and says to the boss, "So is the boss here a real chester the molestor?"
Boss looks at him and goes, "In fact, I'm theboss and I don't appreciate that kind of comment."
Guy says sorry. then starts wondering through our warehouse, goes up to one of the guys and asks if he can have some free DVDs.
And the employee tells him, no he can only give catelogs out. (because we do have promo dvds but they are counted and are only to be given out when people order certain things.)
Guy wonders around some more, now with both the boss and the other employee keeping an eye on him.
Then returns over to the truck and gets the invoice signed and then asks the boss, "So are all the women who work here horny little girls?"
This sets off the boss. Tells the driver, "That's inappropriate, this is my place of work I do NOT appreciate you talking about me or my employees like that. We are a professional company, we've been #1 in the industry for a long time. And that's not okay to say about ANYONE here."
Guy gets angry but says sorry. Then starts to walk away and calls the boss a pervert. Boss looks at him and goes, "What did you say?"
Driver tells him, "I said goodbye."
Boss says, "no you didnt."
Driver replies, "I SAID GOODBYE!"
Then mumbles something about coming out there and doing something about it. Keeps mumbling and glaring as he closes up his truck, then sits outside our warehouse for 20 minutes still mumbling and glaring.

Needless to say we called and complained, boss is filing a formal complaint. Unfortunately, that guy isn't like to have a job much longer. I'd feel kinda bad if he hadn't pretty much just called me a horny little girl just because I work there.
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