... (xibalbaprincess) wrote in bad_service,

I took my daughter to get her 6 months shots today. A sign says "no more than a 15 minute wait to be called back" in the lobby, but it took 30 minutes, although I was 5 minutes early (this is not the sucky part). They have automatic doors which is nice, but the office is in a shopping plaza and people walking by makes the doors open, so the lobby is pretty cold. (we're in New York)

I kept my daughters jacket on because of this while we were in the lobby waiting. Finally her name is called and the nurse (who is usually crabby but i never take it personal or to heart until now) brings us back into the room. She turns and looks at my daughter and says to me "next time make sure she's undressed before we call you back". I give her this o.0 look and said "No, it's too cold out in the lobby and I wont have my daughter get sick". From then on she was really snooty acting to me, thankfully was all nice and bubbles with my daughter.

Im sorry.. but just because she wants to be able to weigh my daughter OMGWTFBBQBACONBITS right when we enter the room doesn't make it MY problem. (a baby has to be naked when they weigh them). Who knows how long they will take to call us back. If I did what she asked, my daughter could be in her diaper for 15+ minutes in that cold lobby and then end up with pneumonia... all because miss impatient pants is in a hurry.
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