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My company shames me again

I'm currently employed at a company that I've posted about here a couple of times. Also to co_workers_suck, where I've mentioned I'm looking for another one. For various reasons, but not the least of which is that the company deserves to be featured here, probably on a daily basis.

So story of the first is kind of like someone posting to customers_suck, only to be featured in c_suck_snark, and called out on the bad service. So there's this customer Grace* who works for Sandy Fields* and buys some of the same stuff from us all the time. Around the office, she's known as 'the biggest b*tch to walk the planet'. My coworkers have instilled in me this image of this monster with sharp teeth who will tear you to shreds.

So I got the chance to call this woman up today (she hadn't mentioned shipping charges in her purchase order so we had to make sure she agreed to those charges as well). I call her up and she's super nice about it, totally understanding "oh my bad, sorry" was kind of her attitude. Not sarcastic or anything. So I asked the financial lady why everyone thinks she's so horrible.

"Because she called us up one day and demanded we redo the invoice for her order!!"
"Why did she want it redone"
"Because it didn't match what she thought she was going to pay"
"How much more was it?"
"....Sally*, how much did we over charge her?"
"Only like a hundred dollars! Can you believe that?"
"....and you're mad because she was mad. Right. Whatever. So was she rude about it?"
"No...she just didn't want to pay all of it. So I redid the darn thing for her but I let her know I was not happy about it."
"Our company made a mistake. It was our job to fix it."
"Yeah but she didn't have"
"She was nice about it, and didn't want to pay more than we told her she had to. And you were extremely rude to her."

Apparently Sally* has been so nasty to this woman ever since. Sally* let's Grace* know when she's being annoying by asking anything. I'm surprised Grace* still tolerates her.

tl;dr: our company overcharged a customer way back when, customer nicely asked for a change, our company now hates her apparently.

Story of the second is also a bosses_suck rant. Our boss likes to keep things on his desk to remind him to do them, but is so messy everything gets lost amongst everything else. So he finds it months later and runs around going "WHO'S BEEN WORKING ON THIS? WHY ISN'T THIS DONE?" And thus we have to rush to fill the order. Case in point: 15,000 pieces of special tubing that will be used for surgical equipment at a medical facility. Customer ordered back in October and was quoted a delivery date of 3 weeks later. It takes us about 1 1/2 weeks to cut the tubing, but about 1 week to get the tubing in. So Boss let this sit on his desk all through October and about three days before it was DUE decided it'd be a good idea to order the tubing. It finally got here, and he decided it could sit in the warehouse for another couple weeks. And finally went into the clean room to cut it. (Unfortunately there's bad_service on the part of the supplier for sending us crinkly tubing that f*cks up our cutter and causes us delays and far too much waste). Just today (now 2 months after they placed the order) we SHIPPED the last pieces of the order. So they won't see the rest of the order until next week, more than 2 months after they placed the order.

tl;dr: Boss forgets about a big order & doesn't order supplies until last minute; misses due date by a mile.

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