Natalie (omgnatalie) wrote in bad_service,

Ugh. This isn't the worst service ever, but I'm severely annoyed.

I went to the doctor. I told him I've been wayyy tired for a long time; he suggests bloodwork. He asks if I've eaten today, and I say I had two super tiny muffins at 8am, so yes, I did eat. He says that won't matter enough to count as "eating" and marks "FASTING" (as opposed to "NON FASTING") on my paperwork.

I go downstairs to the lab and the girl checking me in takes my paperwork, then asks, "Have you eaten anything today?" I said, "I had two tiny muffins, but I don't know if that counts..." Then she looks up at me gives me a bitchy face and in the most sarcastic tone EVER says, "Yeah, that's called FOOD. So yeah... it 'counts.'"


God damn, bitch. I was two seconds away from saying something to her, but there were tons of elderly people in there and I didn't want to startle them.

But wtf, man.

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