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Long time lurker, first time poster. I felt the absolute need to post today because I am in such a rage at what happened to me today. Perhaps I was a complete bitch through out all of this, but talk about unprofessionalism!

I'm in a co-ed honor fraternity, and tomorrow is inductions. Each initiate was matched up with a big brother. In tradition, the big brothers give their little brothers a nickname, which is printed up on a jersey that is paid for by the big. And, just to clear things up, both guys and girls are considered brothers.

I ordered my little's jersey3 weeks ago, and the guy told me it would be done by today, Friday. Since I never got a call from them with any updates, I called them this morning to see how things were going. They told me to call someone else. That person told me to call the other people I had just spoken to. When I told them they told me to call them, they said ok, I'll call you back. So half an hour later, I get a phone call. It went a little something like this:

Girl: Hi Tracy, this is StupidIgnorantBitch from Ellen's Embroidery. I just wanted to let you know that unfortunately, your jersey will not be ready until Monday.
Me: Ok, that is unacceptable. I was told that it would be done by today. If it can not be ready today, I want to cancel my order and get a refund.
GIrl: So you want me to cancel your order?
Tracy: And I want a refund. Because I already paid.
GIrl: You want a refund. Ok, hold on. ::hands phone to someone::
Ellen: Hi Tracy, this is Ellen.
Ok, at this point, I'm thinking....Ooooh, I'm talking to ELLEN of Ellen's! Big. Fucking. Whoop.
Tracy: Hi, Ellen. How are you today?
Ellen: I'm fine. Look, your jersey will not be ready until Monday.
Tracy: So I've been told. I'd like to cancel my order and get a refund. Inductions are tomorrow, so if I can't have the jersey by when it was promised, I will go elsewhere with my money.
Ellen: ::This woman talked for literally ten minutes about how busy this week has been:: And, on top of all this, I've recently had two deaths in the family. I'm not trying to pull one over on you, Tracy. I really have just had a tough time this week. I need you to show me some compassion, and that you have some heart.
Tracy: Ellen, I apologize that you had to go through that. I'm really very sorry, I've been through deaths in my family as well, and it's a terrible thing to deal with. But, the fact of the matter is that you run a business. A business that promised me a product and a service by a certain date. I paid $80 in advance for this service, believing that you would provide what was promised. Since you can not, I will go elsewhere. Again, I'm sorry for your troubles, but these are not my problem.
Ellen: ::Talks for literally another 20 minutes, without letting me get a word in edgewise, about how I have no compassion or apathy (she meant sympathy) for her:: I've been running this business for 18 years and I go above and beyond Greek Unique (another jersey producing store near my campus). What we provide is quality ::yadda, yadda, yadda:: I just need you to understand that this has been such a difficult week for me. You're really not showing any compassion. I really need you to.
Tracy: I am showing compassion. I feel horrible that you had to deal with that, I really do. But I need the jersey by tomorrow, or I don't need it at all.
Ellen: Ok, Tracy. We started pressing the jersey this morning, and I can have it stitched and ready to go by later today. You can pick it up tomorrow. I'm going to hang up the phone now, because you've shown me no compassion and I don't feel as though I can speak to you any longer.

Are you joking me?

Ok...first of all, my jersey won't be ready on time and they don't call me to tell me? I have to find this out for myself? Completely unprofessional. Second of all, she has two shops. Are you telling me she's the only staff member there? Because she's had hardships, nothing can be done? Third, if I ordered my jersey three weeks ago, and it obviously takes only one day to make, why were they waiting until the very last minute, anyway? Fourth, if my jersey could be made by tomorrow, then why did I have to sit with her on the phone, insulting me for half an hour just to find out everything could be worked out?

My dad owns a business. We've had countless numbers of deaths in the family. Not once has he screwed over a customer. NOT. ONCE. And, if he can't make something happen, he calls them in advance and at the very least offers a refund.

I hate people who try to take advantage of college students, I really do.
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