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Oh T-Mobile, how you wear on me...

TL;DR-- Phone broke, had to go buy one at full price because I was still in contract, but apparently OH NOEZ UNLESS YOU'RE THE ACCOUNT HOLDER YOU CAN'T BUY A PHONE WITHOUT A CONTRACT...

So last week, when I was leaving my work (it was payday), I tripped in the parking lot and whaddaya know, my phone goes flying and makes a full-frontal impact with the pavement, causing it to literally appear to shatter (it was a blackberry). Needless to say, I was pissed, but since I had my paycheck sitting right there in my hand (oh how that NEVER happens, this was a first for me), I went to the closest T-Mobile store to where I live (and the one that's not right by I-25, which I wouldn't approach if you paid me to during rush hour). I get in there and see that they have a decent phone for $159 without a contract. Now, since I'm underage (17), I'm on my parent's plan and whatnot, which I knew going in there and was why I was looking at full-price for it--since there's no contract changes, there would be no need for an account holder to be there, right? My exchange with the guy went like this:

M = Me.
DB = Store Douchebag

DB: Hi, how are you today?
M: Pretty good, pretty good...
DB: Can I help you find anything?
M: Actually, yeah, I'm interested in buying that Sony Ericsson over there, but for full price.
DB: Alright, can I just get your mobile number?
M: *gives him my number*
DB: And what is your name?
M: *gives him my name*
DB: Um, actually, we can't do that for you, we need the account holder here for that.
M: *confused* Why? I'm not making any plan changes or contract re-ups, I just want to buy the phone AT FULL PRICE so that I can replace my broken one.
DB: We just changed policy. Why don't you just look at one of our prepaid options?
M: I don't want the crappy prepaids, I came in here to buy that phone. Can't you just treat it as if I'm buying it for prepaid service or something?
DB: Nope.
M: Ok, this is going nowhere. *leaves*

So after that, I was thoroughly confused, so I, just to be sure, called up Customer Care, where they told me that no, I don't have to fulfill *any* requirements (aside from having the money to, of course) to buy a phone at a store at full price without a contract re-up. So, I ended up driving to the other T-Mobile store near me, through evening rush hour traffic (and even though it's the same distance from my house, the two stores are located in nearly opposite directions, meaning I drove double the distance), where they got me my phone no questions asked. I mean, was he thinking that just because I'm in high school somehow I can't afford to buy a phone like that, even though I have a job? Either way, it just pisses me off-- T-Mobile, I've never had a problem with your service or even your customer care, but your in-store staff around here really just SUCK. Seriously.
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