lynnjessica (lynnjessica) wrote in bad_service,

Ford Credit suck

So I bought a car in October - put a big sum of money down on it but also have monthly payments. I am eager to use this loan to further establish my credit and thus am trying to be very diligent in paying off the car quickly and responsibly, meaning I am planning on paying about double the monthly payments in order to get the car paid for asap. When I bought the car the dealer and my mother both counseled me to make sure that when I make my payments that Ford Credit applies the extra to the principal.

My first payment was due on November 20th. On November 10th I set up billpay with my bank and noticed that there is no way to send a note with the payment, so I called Ford Credit. They told me that I will have to call every month to request that the extra money be applied to the principal. They said there is no way for them to do it automatically. This is annoying, but oh well. So on Nov 12th I made a payment for $500 and then on Nov 14th I called and spoke with someone about applying the extra to the principal. He put me on hold, said it was done and I thanked him.

Fast forward a few weeks and upon logging into my Ford Credit account online, I notice it says that my payment is delinquent and I have late fees. Boy was I livid! I called and found out that the first guy I had spoken with had applied the full $500 to my principal and then technically my account was considered to be still waiting for the monthly payment. WTF? Who would think to do it that way? I am pretty sure I was damn clear in what I was asking for so I don't know how this guy managed to do that. I'm pretty annoyed.
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