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andi pants

gee, thanks.

I had to trek up to the Autozone near my house yesterday after my car battery died monday morning. Every time I go to this autozone, I'm treated kinda poorly. It's not the best part of town, and i kinda get a "dumb little white girl got stranded in the ghetto" attitude from all of the employee. I'd gotten a friend to jump my car enough to get it TO the autozone, and once it was off, it was dead again. I go in, and wait for the guy working to stop talking about nothing in particular to one of his friends(this took about 5 minutes). Finally, I say that I need a battery and state the year, make, and model of my car.

He just stares at me.


E:"I can't put it in"
M:"I've never had a problem getting parts put in here before."
E:"i ain't got no one else here. i can't put it in."
M:"ok then. I can't put it in myself, so could you please charge my battery enough so i can go somewhere else, because my car is dead in your parking lot right now"
E: (takes another 5 minutes to stare and me, and wander around laughing at me)
E: (finally goes to get the charger)

he hooks it on, and my car still won't start. because the little jumper thing really won't give it enough juice if the battery is completely dead. employee starts trying to tell me i probably need a new starter AND alternator AND battery. uh huh. this is the same employee who a few months ago told me my perfectly good alternator was bad when all i needed was a new belt tensioner.

at this point, THE OTHER EMPLOYEE walks up from the fast food place next door, and walks in. employee helping me just walks back into the store without a word, leaving the jumpstart box hooked onto my car.

i go in and he's complaining/laughing/etc with the other employee about what a horrible bitch/etc i am, then finally asks me what kind of car i drive, year/etc, and then asks what my budget is. finally sells me a battery(refusing to swipe my rewards card, mind.) and puts it in my car without another word to me.

i basically get the impression that he hoped i'd just turn around and leave when he said he couldn't put the battery on for me.

the kicker?

his nametag said: general manager.

also watched them lock up the doors about half an hour early.

tl;dr=autozone employee can't just say "the other employee is on break, but will be back in about 10 minutes and i can change your battery then, is that ok?"

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