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AT&T bad service

Shortly after my sister and I moved to a new apartment a few months, I changed the information on my AT&T landline account so the automatic payments would come from our joint account instead of my individual account. Unfortunately, I didn't think that two accounts with the same bank would have different routing numbers, so I didn't change the routing number already on my account. Of course, that meant my next payment was returned and I had to pay a $30 returned check fee.

Fine, my error, I'll pay the fee. I went to the AT&T online payment site and corrected the information immediately (around 11/5, when I received the billing information). My next payment wasn't scheduled until 11/17, so that shouldn't be an issue. You'd think, anyway.

Imagine my surprise when I got a mailed notification from AT&T last night saying my online payments had been canceled. (I actually don't know when the letter arrived, since no one's been home since last Wednesday.) I went to the site a few minutes ago to see what was up, and it showed my November bill as unpaid and past due. I double-checked the account information, and it's correct. So I tried to make a one-time payment, but the site wouldn't allow it because I'd had TWO returned checks within 6 months.


Naturally, the billing office closed at 7, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to straighten this out.

tl;dr: I screw up an automated payment and pay the price, but then AT&T screws up a second one and holds me responsible, cutting me off from further automated payments.

(Oh, good. After typing all that, I thought to check for credit card payments. Done. Now I just have to fight the returned check fee and get my payment privileges restored. Sigh.)

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