creativexangst (creativexangst) wrote in bad_service,

Bus Bad Service

So, due to my car being in the shop (which is a totally different bad service), I had to take a bus home for Thanksgiving Break. The bus for going from Syracuse to Binghamton was an hour late, so I almost got screwed out of getting home. That wasn’t that big of a deal because I did manage to get home. However, on the return trip, we’re waiting at the bus stop, and 25 minutes late, the bus pulls up on the opposite side of the street. My mother runs over to see if it’s the bus to Binghamton, and it is. My dad runs across the road and I wait for 4 cars to pass and then I jogged across the road because my shoes do have any grip to them for the terrible weather we’re dealing with. Here’s where the bad service starts. The bus driver starts reading me the riot act for not running across the road and how if we’re late and don’t miss the connection, then it’s my fault. He yells at me for a good 5 minutes before I start to talk to another passenger and ignore him. Then we hit a town about 10 minutes away, and there was an accident and the highway was closed. He started trying to figure out how to get around, making calls, and in between, telling me about how this is my fault and if he was just two minutes ahead then it wouldn’t have been a problem, and this is why I need to run to meet buses, etc. I’d like to point out AGAIN that he was 25 minutes late. And my waiting for traffic because I didn’t want to get hit by a car for maybe a minute equaled the entire bus ride being delayed being my fault. Even after I started to cry because he was making me feel so awful, he continued to yell at me for it. I feel like I should send a letter to the company or something.

Oh, side note? My connection from Binghamton to Syracuse was 5 hours late.
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