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Bad Service, or Within Their Rights?

Hi all, long-time lurker, first-time poster.

What I present to you seems to me like murky grounds, so I'd like opinions of the community's vets on this situation.

Over the Thanksgiving break, I went with my fiancee to a GameStop in Miami. We usually go in to this kind of stores mainly to browse, and on the occassion that we had money, we'd buy something. This time was one of the former, however, so I wasn't really a customer per se.

Anyhow, I go up to one of their little X-Box kiosks - the ones that let you play on them for a while - and begin browsing for a song I heard playing from it a while earlier (I guess there's a program in the machine that has some kind of music storage system in it - not to familiar with it, however). As I am searching through their song categories, however, one of the store workers comes up to the kiosk and says, "Excuse me...this will just take a second." I shrug and move out of the way, at which point he scans through and plays music from "Halo", then nods to one of his workers about it being appropriate what with the sequel's release. The two exchange words, and the guy decides, right there, to pop in a Halo disc so people can play it on the kiosk. This essentially bars me from being able to look through and find the song I wanted to hear.

Now, I ask you all; since he was an employee, and had proper authority to manipulate the kiosk, was it within his right to stop me from looking for the song and then putting in that disc? Or should I have gotten to browse around for what I wanted to listen to?

Thanks a bunch ^^

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