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So, my friends, Wesley and Eric, and I are hungry at, like, 8:30-8:45ish. We agree on BW3 (Buffalo Wild Wings, in case you don't know). We head over to the one near my house. We leave the house between then and 9, and it can't be more than 15 minutes away. We arrive at BW3, and when we head in, we're told we should seat ourselves. As we walked in, I noticed that closing time is Midnight, because we were out rather late and weren't sure that places would be open. We order our drinks and our food, and after recieving our drinks, we have to wait a long while for our food. We're getting hungry, but not really annoyed, and we don't blame it on our waiter, who's been perfectly nice. However, after waiting for, like, 20 minutes, we still don't have our food, and there couldn't be more than 5 other groups at the place. The waiter finally comes and tells us that when you order the flatbread, it takes, like, 20 minutes to cook.

We get our food. And bad service kicks in. Wes and I pretty much finish our drinks ASAP; I'm done faster than him. My food was terribly, terribly salty, but I think, "no biggie," because our drinks have unlimited refills. I stop eating, because I wanted my drink to finish (Seriously, the ribs and fries were, like, BATHED in salt, it was almost to the point of gross). We watch the waiter, and he keeps sitting down at empty tables and doing nothing, hanging out in the back, dilberately walking around and not making eye contact with us or the other table he's waiting. He sees our drinks, like, three times, and keeps avoiding coming to our side of the restaurant. I was considering flagging down another waiter or waitress, but I didn't want to be rude. He didn't fill our drinks until he walked by the other group of people and he made some joke about how he "wasn't trying to get rid" of them. One of them responded with "Then could you get us the refills we asked for?" So, he gets them their refills, and then he comes over, and assumes that we're all finshed. I ask for a refill, and he says that clearly I'm not finshed eating yet as revenge for the food taking so long. And then he says again that he's "not trying to get rid" of us, although when people say it that many times, it generally means they're hinting you should get out.

So, he takes forever bringing us our refills, and he comes back with a glass full of ice and an empty glass and tells Eric that they're done serving iced tea for the night, and he could have any other drink he wants. And then he says, "Except alcohol, of course" which we all thought was reasonable. So, Eric tries to order the drink I had, which was about 20 cents more expensive than his drink, and the guy says "Oh, not one of those drinks either. I meant a fountain drink." So, basically, he could give Eric any drink he wanted as long as it was a fountain drink, which is the exact same as getting an iced tea, so promising that he can have any drink is ridiculous.

Anyway, I finshed eating, and then, we don't have the check. We wait a very, very long time for the check. In space of time, we watch him dick around in the back, and sit around at the tables, watching the TVs. The other group even leaves, and he doesn't come over to us. He comes over one time to grab our plates, and I try to ask him for the check and he just rushes off, AND he left my plate behind. Anyway, Wes starts timing him, at least 10 minutes after we're waiting for the check. He says that for every minute the guy takes, he's going to take off 1% of the tip. He starts announcing the percents loudly, hoping the waiter will hear. The guy finally comes over just as we've waited almost exactly 10 minutes since Wes started timing. He asks us if we want the check, and I forget to ask for it to be split. No big deal, my fault, I'll ask when he comes back.

When he comes back, I ask him if he can split it, and he gets all surprised, as if he's never been asked this before. He says he thinks he can do that, and goes back to split them.  Then, he returns and says it would be a lot easier if he were to take our cards. We try to explain to him whos card belongs to who, but he just takes them and runs off with them. We realize he's going to just split the final check three ways, which is unfair since my food cost more, Wes was in the middle, and Eric's was much cheaper. So, Wes adds up the money on the back of his check with what our totals should be, and we argue about asking someone else to break it for us, since he clearly isn't going to come back over, even though we're loudly discussing it. Finally, we just agree that I'll pay them each the difference, and sign the things. I believe between the three of us, we left 59 cents for tip.

We walked out, and were in Wesley's car at 10:51, almost two hours after we walked in. As I said, there were only three tables he had to wait the entire time we were there, and there were only two or three other groups in the whole restaurant. It was in no way busy, and in no way should have taken that long. And, when we left, he said "have a good night," and dashed over to our table to get the receipts, so he was fully aware of us. It was totally obnoxious, and I still think we should have lodged a complaint, but no one wanted to besides me.

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