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Bad service? In MY Comcast?!

We all know that Comcast is lousy in both actual service and customer service, and I've refrained from posting about my experience because it'd be beating a dead horse, but the little thing that happened yesterday just pushed me over the lj-posting precipice.

I was living in a campus apartment last year and had our cable and internet in my name. I moved rooms after the first trimester and contacted Comcast to try to get the service switched to my former roommate's name. They told me they'd send me an e-mail with the form to do it, I could fill it out, mail it in ,and it'd be done.

6 months after the fact with a call to Comcast CS every two weeks where they'd promise to send out the e-mail immediately (but never did), my mother was told at a Comcast service center that they "haven't done the e-mail thing in over a year." And no, they couldn't mail the form, it had to be done in-center. So, my very ex-roommate and I went the next week to the service center to get it straightened out.... and the service center had disappeared.

Finally, we gave up, since she was good about giving me the money she owed, and I continued to pay the bill until ex-roomie moved out in June, when I canceled the service. Frustrating? Sure.

Yesterday, I got an e-mail from Comcast with an attachment that claimed it was a change-of-account-holder form.


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