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I bought myself an electric toothbrush. Since my sonicare bit the dust 6 months ago, I've missed it and I love how around Christmas time the price falls dramatically (£39.99 instead of £99.99, woot!) so you don't feel nauseous at having spent so much money for a toothbrush. (note how this never seems to happen when buying shoes...)

It was bought from Argos, yesterday, by my ex and he came back here today to drop it off. Of course, as soon as I had the box I wanted to open, charge it up and brush tartar away! It was already partially charged. That's strange. I couldn't help thinking as I examined it, that it wasn't new in that case. The other side, green rubber, shows black marks. The ex suggests a display model and as I am about to answer that this might be the case I look at the top. You know, the pointy, futuristic, bit and notice the base, where the head attaches, has marks. The kind you get when you use the brush. Toothpaste & spittle rim. EW, ew, ewwwwwwwww. Unclean, unclean!!!

It seems pointless to return it. I can't go as I have an essay due tomorrow, and nary a word written, plus it's a bit mean to make the ex go back. With the price being so low, I don't envision these babies lasting until I get time to go to the store on Wednesday night. I decide that if I gently wipe it douse it in bleach it should be OK. I comment that they just gave it a new head and didn't bother to clean it, which sucked when I start playing around with that. Yeah the base of the head is dirty, the same kind of dirty and the bristles bent slightly. And we're back to my stomach turning and chanting unclean in the corner as I rub my hands vigorously.

I know it's only a bit of spit but eww, no, bad! I don't know how the person who took the return didn't notice this, I can only hope that it was the case and that they are not a) a grotty person or b)didn't give a rat's ass.


It's been taken back and a new, and shrink wrapped, one given in place. Huzzah. I do still think I might write to head office about this one, apparently, according to the person who returned it, they weren't apologetic/concerned/etc.

Now the problem lies that I can't find my adapter and toothbrushes always have 2 prong plugs. Oops!
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