Spearheading the New Le Strange Sang (timingspoons) wrote in bad_service,
Spearheading the New Le Strange Sang

Good deed gone wrong

My mother and I were at the local supermarket chain buying things for dinner and getting some stock for our small family restaurant. We had on the little belt four very heavy hams and eight loaves of light bread.

The checkout lady seemed slightly stressed and apparently she had to go get something or call someone for another checkout person. Since it was before she started ringing us up, it definitely didn't have to do with us. Instead of taking care of whatever problem she was having, she decided to check us out, first. She asked us if we wanted bags for our hams, and I said no, you could just put them in the cart because I could bag them in the car. I guess she didn't hear me or decided to ignore me, because she started to bag them anyway. She then had to go over to the next counter to get more plastic bags, in order to bag the eight loaves of bread. Again, I have to stress here she looked like she was in a hurry to do something else, because she was having a hard time getting the bags opened (it was loose on the counter behind her, not hooked on the holders). By this time there were two other people standing behind us.

Since it seemed like she was in a hurry and she still had a bunch more of our things to scan, and since she had the bags loose on the counter, I said I would bag the bread myself while she scanned the rest. I work in customer service and I know how tired you can get bagging things and ringing people up all day long, so I figured I would offer to do this for her to save her the trouble.

Or so I thought, anyway.

She snapped, "ma'am, just let me do my job! I am SORRY I'm moving TOO SLOW FOR YOU but I am DOING THE BEST I CAN!" Then she went on to say, "do you WANT to carry all your bread home without bags? How are you going to do that?!"

Well, for one thing, the bread's not for home, but for our restaurant, and would've been left in the car until Monday. I can carry ten loaves of bread at a time without bags so it really wouldn't've made a difference whether they were or weren't in bags anyway.

I had nothing to say to her, all I did was just let out a sigh. I mean, I had just worked twelve hours and I was tired, too.

I know she was probably tired and had too many things on her plate, but all I wanted was to help. Even if she was in a bad mood she really had no right to yell at a customer like that. Maybe she thought I was being patronizing? I didn't care if she took a long time, I just wanted to save her the trouble of having to bag so uncomfortably.

I like it when customers help be bag items, because it shows that they're trying to be helpful but also, sometimes if they help like that the whole process get done quicker so they can leave sooner than later. Sigh. It helps to write about it and let it out though.

What does everyone here think? What exactly was it that I did wrong?
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